Monday Morning Motivation

Bismillah Rahmani Raheem Let us all remember that we must always strive to achieve success as a Muslim, success in life and most importantly success in the hereafter. To achieve these, let us endeavour to: Set good daily habits Regularly create goals Engage in self improvement daily Take care of your personal health always Make time for relationship building, both with Muslims and non Muslims Do things in moderation Get things done. Stop procrastinating! Keep a positive outlook in life Always pay zakat and sadakah, and also remember to save for the rainy day Reject all self limiting thoughts Live within your means Read daily. Readers are leaders. Limit exposure to elements that do not improve your Muslim life Under promise but over deliver Talk less and listen more. When you listen, you learn Don’t give up, hang in there and always try something new Spend time with like minds Find yourself a mentor, a good Muslim mentor Have a purpose in life and strive to do more, know more, grow more and be more Have a rewarding week ahead. Salam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu. Hakeemat Adeleye Founder & Editor in Chief, [email protected] 08069282550

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