Monday Morning Motivation (9 Ramadan, 1435)

Salaam. I hope we are all making the best possible of this holy month of Ramadan I pray Allah (SWT) count us among the favoured in this life and the hereafter. Remember that life is short, so make it count A Muslim is not born to be ordinary or typical A Muslim is a masterpiece, handpicked by Allah (SWT) A person of extreme value and significance Keep moving forward Follow your dreams Live your passion Go around, go though, leap over and keep reminding yourself what this dream really means to you Be visionary not reactionary The most successful people have a vision and work on it constantly Remember, it’s never too late to start something new. Embrace your challenges, be resourceful Be different Be the change Be bold, be authentic It’s not all about the money Enjoy the ride and remember to always live within the tenets of Islam and guidance of the 1one4 chapters of the Holy Qur’an Salaam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu. Hakeemat Founder/Editor in Chief [email protected] 08069282550

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