My Humble Requirements Within 100 Days of Buhari's Presidency

We have to thank Jonathan, firstly, for the rude awakening of the politically unconscious young Nigerian, and secondly, for his political maturity during the election.

Congratulations to the man of the moment, Muhammadu Buhari, for his diehard resilience and victory at the polls.

 This is not a like-Buhari-like-Lincoln piece. This is also not a scholarly work. It’s something a Free Reader would write. You know the Free Reader? That guy that resumes every morning at newspaper stands and never buys a single one. These are things that Free Reader feels wants addressed in the first 100 days:


One of Nigeria’s biggest problems at the moment is the North-East insurgency. It’s why the world is looking at us. We’ll notice that the past few weeks have seen the Nigerian troops gain significant victories against the insurgency alongside the international coalition. It’s expected that the President builds on that momentum. Pretty basic. The happy ending or should I say “glorious beginning”, will be closure on the Chibok girls and the other hundreds being held against their will. I say closure because the two sides of the coin are fear and hope.

Fear that we’ll probably never find all the girls, because, let’s face it, girls are expensive to hold. The sanitary issues might seem minor, but when you multiply that by almost 300, plus the hundreds of others they’ve kidnapped, you know there’s a legitimate worry that the Chibok girls might have been handled by Boko Haram the ‘more profitable’ way. Hard to swallow but true.

 The only glimmer of hope is the reports of people who have escaped from Boko Haram camps saying they know where the girls are kept. Besides that, Boko Haram has no logical reason to keep them, except as a bargaining chip.

Nigerians should expect a miracle as regards this.

Let’s go to the other end of the country, the South-South. Their brother has lost. Perhaps it’ll be important to keep it in mind that they have the resources to upset order. Which brings us to the next issue.


If we must be honest with ourselves, this election stinks of ethno-religious sentiments, looking at where Buhari and Jonathan had their ‘power’ votes.

Most of the people from the South-south and South-east who didn’t vote for Buhari had two issues; old ‘northern’ wounds and ‘Islamisation’.

The Islamisation agenda is as real as Lady Koi Koi, but the old ethnic wounds are the main issues.

Let’s face it, we fought a war and moved on like wounds don’t turn to ulcers when left untreated. We need a proper reconciliation process that will make secession movements become irrelevant. Not only will it be good for National unity, it’s the most brilliant thing to do, politically. New allies, new friends, new brothers.

Cut Down on Government Spending:

These are hard times. Nothing will bring the goodwill of the people like showing empathy. The masses literally pay with their sweat for the excesses of the government.  Most people believe he’ll look into it. I believe too. Imagine Buhari cutting down his allowances and the pressure the people can mount of the legistlature to do the same. I might be dreaming.


One industry with arguably the largest amount of jobs created since 1999 directly and indirectly is the Telecomms industry. Think about the airtime sellers, think mobile phone retailers, phone accessories sellers on the street. Yep, that’s a lot. Imagine a Nigeria where power works and the mind-blowing possibilities. The industries will return. Cost of production will reduce for small businesses to grow and that can help create more jobs. Power is the driver of any economy. Buhari needs to expedite action and fix this critical sector.

I might be asking for too much, but Buhari is President, the first democratically elected leader that wanted to be a leader, not one that stumbled upon it by chance. There are no limits here.

But for the love of all, whether winners or losers, I say the only direction to go, is forwards.

Final advise, stay close to those who put you in power - the people, those who came out in the rain and sun for you. Some of them gave their lives for you because they believed.

You can go from Messiah to Antichrist in a flash. Ask the person whose bed you’ll be sleeping on come May 29.

Picture Source: Daily Post Nigeria

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