My Husband Has phobia for Ramadan

Dear 1one4 Aunty,

My husband is a good Muslim but might be suffering from a severe psychological disorder. He tends to develop severe feverish conditions which start few days to fasting and ends a couple of days after fasting. The fever started again last night with severe shivering and he is on admission right now.

 The hospital runs have started and we will most probably do this till the end of Ramadan. We have been married for 8 years and this has been the case throughout. I do not want to be cruel, especially to my own husband but I will say his fear of Ramadan (probably not eating) and his subsequent withdrawal to a hospital bed affects us all in the family.

I am thinking of abandoning him in the hospital this year. I want to do this Ramadan right for once without hospital visits and caring for a sick person. He has refused therapy or even seeing a doctor or counselor. This is the period they say the gates of heaven are wide opened and hell shut. I do not want any human being and their inadequacies to prevent me any longer from benefiting from this glorious month.

Am I being unreasonable?. Someone, please advise me.


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