As Salam Alaekum warahmattullah wabarahkahtuhu Alhamdulillah for this period of Eid Adha, it has been a perfect reminder of the huge sacrifice that the prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son were willing to make for the sake of pleasing Allah and a good time for me to take stock of the adequacy of my sacrifices and check my contentment with Allah\'s decree. One aspect of this Eid that I am able to relate with is the fact that prophet Ibrahim (AS) prayed for a child for a long time and then when Allah eventually answered his dua, he was willing to sacrifice the child, his much awaited treasure go for Allah\'s sake. How do I stack up%20here? Can I, after searching for a good husband for over 8 years let him go for Allah\'s sake after I eventually find him?\" Hmmmm, I honestly don’t think so. I keep thinking about it and thanking Allah that he doesn\'t put us through the type of tests that he put the believers before us through. Alhamdulillah! This realization has honestly helped me reduce the pressure I put on myself on this husband matter. In fact I see this new found sekinah (tranquillity) as my Eid gift from Allah. I was therefore ‘armed’ with this beautiful gift when I woke up on Eid day and picked out the most beautiful dress in my closet to wear to the prayer venue. I was one of the first people to arrive at the prayer ground and happily watched other worshippers arriving in their beautiful clothes too. What was there to be sad about on this beautiful day? Absolutely nothing! All I could do was join others in giving thanks to Allah for yet another beautiful opportunity to worship him. After prayers, I went over to my friends’ Fatima and Ali’s house for a memorable celebration filled with feasting, dua and amazing conversations. It was a good day masha Allah! As I drove back home that night, I realized that perhaps my single status is my own sacrifice, a test from%20Allah, which I have to accept and patiently cope with. I promised myself that this period will be a time self discovery, learning and adventure. I have now enrolled in Arabic language classes and will begin training for my first 10K race in Dubai next year insha Allah. I am convinced that it\'s time to begin living and answering my calling instead of spending every waking moment searching for a husband. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to get married; I am just not going to spend every single waking moment plotting and moaning about it. My state of worry and anxiety has now been replaced with tranquillity and strong belief that just like Allah replaced Ismail (AS) with a ram when Ibrahim (AS) submitted to Allah\'s will, he, Al Wadood, will replace the loneliness in my heart with the love and company of his beloved servant in no time, Ameen. In actual fact, I am now going to compile my list of top 5 desired attributes to look out for in Mr. Right. Got any tips or ideas for me? I will love to hear from you happily married folks out there. Eid Mubarak As Salam Alaekum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu.

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