Nabeela, My sister in Islam

The noblest part of me.
Yet, aloof.

By the Qudrat of Allah, the wind united us.
Like a cloud chasing another across the sky,
I pursued her friendship. 

On sunny days, she would disappear,
But when I needed shade, she was there. 
On stormy days, she was difficult to distinguish,
But when I needed shelter, she was there. 

When I wanted to play, 
She was sometimes busy,
Gathered with the other clouds on the horizon.

At times she pushed, sometimes I pushed.
At times she pulled, sometimes I pulled.
But I always knew she would reappear,
That is,... if I pursued. 

She was the noblest part of me.
For a time we were a mirror to each other.
Marvelling at Allah and His creation,
and our place in the world. 

Then, by the Qudrat of Allah, 
The wind shifted.
And the Friendship, 
The Shade,
The Shelter,
The Mirror, 
The Marvel that was mine,
Drifted away.
To beautify another horizon.

by Ameena Ansari

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