New Tasbeeh and Du'a Mobile App

Smart phones being an unavoidable device in everybody’s life in this modern era can be made use of in an Islamic way.

Indian Muslim developers created a new Android application named Adkar-e-Tasbeeh/Quranic Dua for performing Dhikr and Duas from Quran. Having a smooth interface and with an ever pleasing theme for eyes (white text on black background) makes this app very easy to use.

The application also has a multi-talented feature of showing benefits of each Dhikr with authentic Ahadees. Duas from Quran have been added with the translation.

The Dhikr count reminder feature includes a custom reminder number with the commonly used count like 33, 100, 1,000 and so on.

Each Tasbeeh count can be realized with a small vibration and a reminder of long vibration making it easier for the user to concentrate on the Dhikr without always looking on to the screen


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