Niyah: For Among His Signs

As salam Alaekum all, So sorry it's been a while since I wrote to you. You know how busy my work schedule can be right? I have literarily not had any break all year, phew! But I have good news. Yeah, you read me correctly, I have fabulous news. Allah gave me my prince, my habibi, Allah gave me AJ! Not Abubakar, the single dad I ran into at the airport last year, that chapter closed quickly and I won't bore you with all the details, half of which I am now too happy to remember. Let's just say Allah opened the heavens for me this year and sent me the man of my dreams, and I couldn't be happier! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all rosy at first oh, I had to be still to hear exactly what Allah was telling me, and once I heard the message loud and clear, I decided to do everything I needed to get my prince. Everything halal of course! Don't get any weird ideas. I had to lose all that "women don't chase men" mentality for real. I chased AJ and Allah said "Be" and it "Is," alhamdulillah rabil alameen. So it all started in January when my cousin, Mimi called to say she had a candidate she thought I might be interested in. If you know Mimi, you will understand what I mean when I say I had no choice in the matter. She was either going to give him my number with my permission or orchestrate a "chance" meeting at some point. She is gangster like that. So I told her she could give him my number, just so I didn't have to see the man on my front porch someday. Well guess what? No word from Mimi or the candidate for the next 4 months, oh well! Of course work was keeping me engaged, and I had reduced my appearance at all those family functions that reminded me of what I hadn't forgotten, so I didn't really lose any sleep over it. In May, I embarked on a serious 21-day dua mission for a good husband, and just as He does every time we call Him, Allah answered me ASAP. 3 days after I completed the special dua mission, Mimi showed up on whatsapp and stirred up some serious commotion in my heart. "Niyah, check your email, I sent you two messages, let me know what you think." I checked the first email, which contained a picture and Walahi it was as if I beheld the face of an angel! I could hardly breathe, oh my goodness! I quickly closed the email because I felt as though starring at his picture alone was a major sin. It wasn't just how fine he was, but there was a look in his eyes that immediately spoke to my heart. I don't know how to explain it, but I can certainly tell you that no picture has ever had that type of effect on me before. Subhanallah! I opened Mimi's other email and it was a brief profile of my Prince Charming, and honestly I must have read it like 7 million times, laughs. I loved everything he wrote, from the modest and non bragging way he wrote about his deen to the way he described his ideal spouse. I was smitten, I hadn't even spoken a word to this guy, but I knew in my heart I was going to fall deeply in love with him insha Allah. I just knew it! But before all the butterflies could get a chance in my tummy, I had to jump through some serious hoops. Luckily a trip to the holy land was around the corner to rescue me from anxiety ........... Okay, I have to go now, plane is landing, I promise we will pick up from here soon insha Allah. But please say a prayer that Allah, Ya Wadood, Ya Muqaddim, Ya Rahman should bless this love and ward off the shaytan from us. Jazakumllah khairan. As salam Alaekum Warahmattullah Wabarakahtuhu Niyah is a prayerful sista and seasoned professional. She is also a hopeful romantic on a mission to find that special someone to compliment her.

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