No one shall suffer a loss by Rahma Aliu

So I get a call from home (am in school) saying my dad is ill. He's always ill these days, its normal, plus he's old, that's what I thought  two years ago when I got the news of loosing a parent, then it turned out to be my mother, the immortal, somehow I never quite associated death with her. And then she died. Now my father is ill and I'm bothered, he of course has survived many illnesses then why does this bother me so? Today I'm feeling like someone that's got a single parent left. That he's the only one I've got and loosing him gives me shivers. All of a sudden any beep from my phone makes my heart skip a beat and when the call actually was from my siblings, I stopped breathing. I'm scared of loosing my dear old father. I hope like all illnesses, this one passes. I want my father to be there to give me away, to see my children, his grand children...then it hit me, that I may not see those either, why am I worrying about his mortality when I too am mortal? "Every one that is thereon will pass away.." (Q55v26). Its funny isn't it that daily people die, of all ages, we never consider our own mortality? At this point my thoughts are re-directed, I do worry about my fathers health, I do hope he gets better and do know even the illness is a blessing to him for the Prophet S.A.W said no one shall suffer a loss, anxiety or detriment even the prickling of a thorn without a part of his sins being forgiven, now, I also worry about my own mortality. I hope I meet my end well, that WE meet our end well, and that we receive the mercy of the Most Merciful. I smile cause I know I'm in good hands - Allah's.  

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