Our Top 7 Stories of 2016.

Alhamdulillah, the past calendar year (2016) was a truly eventful year. Many things happened and we appreciate your continued visits to read our stories.

Without taking much of your precious time, we take you back to our top 7 stories of 2016;


1.    The Olajumoke Story: An Islamic Perceptive

Olajumoke was a bread seller who fatefully walked while a prominent photographer was having a shoot with a UK based rapper. The outcome showed that Olajumoke unintentionally “photo bombed” the shoot but appeared just as beautiful. She was searched, found and the favours kept rolling in.

We took a look at it from an Islamic perceptive. Here is the story- http://1one4.com/the-olajumoke-story-an-islamic-perspec


2.    She’s My Sister- A true Story About Death.

This is a short true story about death that reminds us of our true purpose in this dunya. Looking back to this story, we ask for Allah for forgiveness for all we’ve done in the past, the ones we are doing and the ones we will do.



3.    Understanding Islamic Finance: Confessions Of a Financial Revert

We had a series of financial confessions. It talked about Islamic investment and ways to go about it.