By Yusuf Idris Amoke

I know of a family of 6 whose members have almost turned into beggars due to the present hardship. This family can be described as a perfect metaphor for the Nigerian situation at the moment.

The poor in Nigeria make up a majority of the population. Schooling and clothing their children have become a luxury, frustration has forcefully become a friend while hunger is a perpetual resident. Ritual killings, vandalism, armed robbery and  other organized crimes have become the order of the day. The present hardship is arguably responsible for the recent increase in such crimes.

Markets and businesses are folding up as jobs are lost every single day in Nigeria.

We understand that the damages done by the PDP led administration over 16 years is quasi-impossible to fix in a single year. Therefore, diversifying a mono-economy based on oil which is responsible for more than 90% of our GDP at this time of crash in prices at the international market is a mirage. We also understand that more than 70% of those that make up this government at both Federal and State levels are part and parcel of the cabal that have milked the country dry as members or affiliates of PDP.

We understand that PMB is equally not finding it easy, but what the poor Nigerian would not understand is going to bed and waking up with empty stomach; worse still, without hope of getting something for the children before the sun sets again.

We do not in any way doubt PMB's sleepless nights to better our tomorrow by strengthening the pegs upon which the Nigerian state stands, but what the poor Nigerian doubts is whether he will still be able to live to see if the tomorrow brings something with which to fill his empty stomach.

We know that PMB is doing his best. But his best must be seen to translate into a better life for the masses soon enough to stem the growing anger; a hungry man is said not only to be an angry man but also a dangerous man.

Most of us reading this article may not necessarily understand what many fellow Nigerians across board are passing through at this moment, including the IDPs and those in parts of Niger Delta, who's sources of livelihood had being depleted by oil spillage. Some of us can strive hard to access some basic needs like food, security, health care and clothing, but most of them can only look up to heavens for miracle to get food to eat.

Therefore, we urge PMB to fast track the passage and signing of the 2016 budget appropriation bill. The poor hungry Nigerians don't care to know whether it is the National Assembly's fault or not, all they care about is for the budget to be passed, as hope for a mild relief lies in that budget; though it may take months for its impact to be felt. He can as well get the details from some reliable sources, identify the discrepancies, inform Nigerians about them, assent to it rather than waiting for God knows when the details will come from the foot dragging National Assembly.

Another pressing issue is the persistent fuel scarcity and its high price, it is really biting hard on Nigerians as businesses are no longer flourishing. Though some of us who understand the situation will continue to call on other Nigerians to be patient  as we equally call on Mr. President to double his efforts towards bringing succour and relief to Nigerians.

While we urge Mr. president to double his effort, we equally urge fellow Nigerians to double their patience, even though patience is manageable only with food in the stomach.

Yusuf Idris Amoke.
[email protected]

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