The Peace and unity convention is set to hold on the 5th and 6th of December, 2015 at the International conference center, Abuja. The convention which is the first of its kind is hosted by 1-ummah and will be the organisation’s biggest event yet.

The Amir of 1-ummah Abubakar Sadiq Muhammad explained that the convention is aimed at strengthening the Muslim Ummah through problem sharing and solving while promoting peace and unity through quality interaction and dialogue. He continued stating that the convention promises to unite global Islamic scholars at home and abroad as a means of exhibiting the richness of Islamic culture and knowledge.

Gracing the interactive session are Islamic scholars like Sheikh Muhammed Salah, Mufti Ismail Menk, Sheikh Haytham Al-Haddad, Sheikh Saeed Rageah and Naima B. Robert as also Nigerian scholars such as Imam Abdurrahman Ahmad, Maryam Lemu and Sheikh Muhammad Bin Uthman Kano.

The event will also have an Inter-Faith Dialogue session, Nasheed Performances, Exhibitions, and various shopping & food stalls.

Ticket price is N4,000 and can be bought at Dominos, Drumstix, Habib Yoghurt, Sahad Stores and Tulip Bistro

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