Ramadan, Day 28- Do Not Go Back To Your Vomit

There once was a grand feast. It was for royalty but this peasant got invited to sit at the table. It really was a blessing. There were so many things to choose from, so many things to try out the first time.

He made sure he used the opportunity to the fullest. He stuffed himself till his tummy could take no more.

The host offered that he take some of it home with him, and of course, he obliged.

This is where it gets interesting.

When he got home, he threw the takeaway from the feast into the dustbin, including the juices, and the chicken and everything else it is that comes with a great meal.

He got a bowl, placed it on a table, and he stood before it spreading his legs. Then he put his middle finger in his mouth and pushed it all the way in till it could go no further. Then his gag reflexes swung into action, and everything in his tummy came gushing out into the bowl. Then he stood before it for a while.

He sat before it. Then without giving it much thought, he took large gulps of his vomit. And he gulped so heavily you could hear it going back down his throat, till he had drank it all up.


That’s us, waiting till Ramadan is over to return to everything we stayed away from.

May Allah save us from filth.

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