Ramadan, Day 29- Alhamdullilah

We go to rehab to help us deal with a problem. But this is the thing about rehab, the easy part is the rehabilitation.

The hardest part is checking out, and getting back into the environment that made you need rehab.

We have begged for forgiveness, but that’s the easy part. When we repent, we are saying we aren’t returning to the sin.

Now, that’s the hard part.

The easy part is Ramadan, abstaining from the things, the people, the places that displease Allah. The hard part is going back to our normal environment and still doing the things we did during Ramadan.

It's not going to be easy, but with the help of Allah, we can.


Say, Allahumma innakka afuwwun, tuhibul afuwwa, fa-afuwanna.


The mistakes are mine and Allah knows best. 

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