#Ramadan1436AH Day 13: There Will Be Differences

Perhaps we should do a few throwbacks.

There is the story from hadith where a man killed 99 and was on the path to repentance. The angels differed over whether he belonged to Paradise or Hell.

Or we should take Abubakr and Umar (ra). Both of them are generally related as the best two in this Ummah. What many don’t know is that they never really agreed on anything, but still, they loved each other.

Infact, Muhammad (SAW) said about both of them. He said Abubakar is like Isa (as) with his compassion. Umar on the other hand, was like Musa (ra), because of his harshness.

Still the Sahabah, Muhammad told them to set out to Banu Quraiza saying, “no one should pray asr except at Banu Quraiza”. En route, Asr time was passing. Some of the Sahabah believed what the Prophet meant was that they should not pray until they’ve set out. Some believed they could not disobey the Prophet so they weren’t going to pray till they got to Banu Quraiza. Some prayed, while the others waited for them. When the Prophet came, he didn’t condemn any of the two.

How we make judgement on matters as human beings is strongly dependent on our knowledge and personal experiences. Abubakr lived a good and gentle life even before islam. Umar on the other hand, lived a very hard life. This strongly influenced a lot of decisions they made in life.

We need to understand that as people, there will be differences. We can’t expect everyone to share the same opinion on some issues of deen with us. I mean, Malik, Abu Hanifah, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Shafi, all had a lot of difference in opinion. Even though each of them have their own schools of thought.

A lot of the time, we spend time debating very petty differences, which in all honesty is an insult to people who are face real problems like disaster, whether natural or manmade.

The only aspect we must all agree on are issues that affect aqqedah (belief system).

Life is not just black and white, there are grey areas where we’ll always have differences. Perhaps this is why the brain is called grey matter.

May Allah give us all sound intellect.


The mistakes are mine and Allah knows best.

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