#Ramadan1436AH Day 17: Stand Fast!

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Badr.

Ibn Abbas, the great commenter on the Qur’an, is reported to have said, “Badr is Yawm Al-Furqan (day of the criterion); during it, Allah separated truth and falsehood.”

The Muslims had to face the pagans of Quraish who were advancing with over a thousand men. Some sources say 1,300.

In all honesty, the stats weren’t looking too good for the Muslims.

The Muslims had just 2 horses, compared to the 200 belonging to the Quraish. For camels, the Muslims had 70, while almost every other one of the pagans came riding on camels.

Muhammad (SAW), sought the opinion of the Muslims as regards the way forward.

The first person to get up was Abubakar and he said, “O Messenger of Allah, we are behind you!” followed by Umar who said the same. Then Miqdad ibn Aswad said, “Rasulilllah, we are not going to say to you what Bani Israil said to Musa; ‘Go, you and your Lord, we will sit here’. We are going to say to you, “you and your Lord, fight, we are coming with you”.

But that’s not the best part.

The best part was when a leader from the people of Madina spoke, Sa’ad ibn Muadh: “O Prophet of Allah! We firmly believe in you, and we witness that what descends on you is the truth. We swore a solemn oath and gave you the allegiance, so go ahead with whatever you want, and we shall stand by your side. We swear by Allah, Who has sent you with truth, that if you reach the sea and cross it, we will cross it hand-in-hand with you. No man will lag or stay behind. We are absolutely ready to go to war against our enemy tomorrow for we are given to terrible warfare, and we are sincere in our desire to meet Allah. I hope that Allah will make us do what will make you proud of us. So go on with whatever is in your mind. Allah bless you.”

That is steadfastness.

As people, we have interest in statistics, about who has the better odds and the likes. But Allah has interest in our steadfastness.

One thing is certain, the price for steadfastness is victory if Allah wills.

When the sea and the rocks at shore meet, with all its rage, the sea returns defeated.

“Believers, be patient; outdo others in patience; remain resolute; and be mindful of Allah, in order that you may succeed.” [Qur’an, 3.200]

Victory comes with patience. Ask the 10,000 men who did the victory walk into Makkah with the prophet after standing fast against aggression for 10 years.

May Allah give us victory Herenow and Hereafter.

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