#Ramadan1436AH Day 22: Understanding Yesterday

There’s the story of the eaglet who somehow ended up hatching alongside a hen’s babies. Without knowing why it was so different, the eaglet grew like the chickens, ate like the chickens. But before it could even grow old enough, it died quietly without ever living the ground. Never did that eaglet know that eagles didn’t belong in the dirt. Eagles are born to soar high. Even though it lived as a healthy bird, it had one major sickness –it had been completely cut off from its roots, its history.

A people become destroyed when they forget their history. As human beings, we have different roots, whether tribal or racial. But while we all share the common ancestry of Adam, we all share a common heritage; Islam.

When we don’t know our history, any version that is forced on us, no matter how false, becomes our reality of history.

Its why when we hear people say negative stuff about our deen, we have almost no way to prove them wrong because we lack an understanding of our history.

They’d tell you Islam destroys everything. But they’d never tell you everywhere Islam went, it built. They’d never tell you about the Mongols who heaped corpses like hills but became master builders when they accepted Islam.

They’d tell you Islam is backward, but they’d never tell you Islam was the forerunner that opened the way for the Renaissance.

They’d tell you Islam is oppressive, but they’d never tell you every people it reached, it liberated.

All because of one thing; because we are ignorant of our history.

History is so important that Revelation teaches important lessons with history.

We can see, and create a better future when we find our roots.


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