#Ramadan1436AH Day 6: Agreeing To Terms And Conditions

Let’s say you install a software on your computer. The Manufacturer’s expectations say it’s an audio playing file. 
It’s only logical to not trying opening photos or even videos on the software. Plus, when you decide to rant, no one’s going to take you seriously because, you agreed to the terms and conditions, without a gun to your head, and with your own sane mind.

It’s also the same way you don’t take this software to a doctor to have it fixed. Not like it needs a stethoscope. You refer back to one place; the terms and conditions which you gladly agreed to.

At the battle of Badr, when the Prophet asked the Muslims if they would stand to defend Islam. They responded, almost as one voice, saying that they would not be like the children on Israel who told Musa to go, him and his lord, and fight, while they wait. They were willing to follow the Prophet (SAW) anywhere. They were not worried about consequences. They knew what the signed up for when they left their comforts and followed the Prophet.

Whenever the Prophet called the Sahabah, their response was “Labayk!”, “Here I am! No buts, no waits.

It is of these people that Allah says, “The only saying of the faithful believers, when they are called to Allah (His Words) and His Messenger (SAW) to judge between them, is that they say: We hear and we obey. And such are the successful” Surah Nur: 51

Part of trust in Allah is obeying is commands knowing without doubt that it’ll only lead to good.
Make “we hear and we obey” a habit.
The faults are mine and Allah knows best.

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