He was affected by it so much that he had lost his fingers and toes and was rendered blind. I took and left him with the lepers. I would regularly visit him and take care of him.
Once I forgot for a few days but when I remembered I came to see him immediately and told him that I had forgotten. He remaked, “I have someone who never fogets”. Taken back by this I said, “By Allah I did not remember”, Once again he said; “I have someone who remembers me”.
Then he shouted. “Go from here you have diverted me, from the remembrance of Allah”. After a few days the leper died, I took out a shroud which was slightly long. I cut the extra portion, shrouded and then buried him.
One night I saw the leper in a dream. He was standing next to me, gallant and handsome. He said, “Take back your shroud, we are returning it to you. We have been given a shroud of silk”. When I awoke the shroud was found placed next to my head.

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