Ridwan Adeoye: Casual Saturday For The Guys

Fashion and technology have formed new synergy. Most of us brother don't really feel too okay putting on the Jamlamiah on Saturdays, after all that is likely what we would be putting on to Asalatu on Sunday. We also want to look different from how we have appeared during the work days. So we really want to get into something comfortable, classy without compromising our tastes. I have carefully picked out the some items that will sure put you on your game without you losing who you are. These are just ideal for us Muslims. We promote our religion without falling out of the current trend. Perfect for salat, movies, picnics, visiting a friend or even shopping at the mall. Am sure those Muslim Sisters of ours would have a rethink when they want to say again "the brothers don't dress classy." Let's review what we have for this week end. Hey, wait a minute, T-shirts are never Haram. Yes. The Ayat-Ul-Kursi T-shirts from shop.1one4.com is a very good choice on a Saturday. Made from the finest of cotton, makes it perfect for our climatic condition. The color makes it not choosy of what it should go on. Then the wonderful inscription I must confess, think about how many people that would read it. Isn't that a way of doing dawah? Most guys I know just like going on jeans pants on Saturdays. So that makes it a perfect pick for a casual wear. A slim-straight jean would be the best choice to give you that comfortable appearance without lowering your standards. Let's get the heads spinning now. Yes of course… GOOGLE GLASS. That master piece is just the best… Brother, Salam Alaekum and welcome to the future. Classy guys know how to protect their legs in very nice shoes.Getting a wrong shoe to a wonderful dressing would definitely put admirers off. For the belt, although might not be that visible to admirers, but you still should not use just any how belt. Please, what is worth doing is what doing well. Be mindful of all details, both conspicuous and hidden. I love wristwatches, but not all wristwatch appeals to me when dressing casual. I would always suggest a sporty kind of wristwatch when you dress casual on a Saturday Brothers, as Muslims we need to stand out, and there is no limit to standing out as far as we are not crossing the line. Being Muslims does not mean we should not dress well, in fact others should see us as having the best dress sense. Feel free to add your own pieces to these accessories. Nice weekend ahead.

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