Ridwan Adeoye: Making The Best Impression At An Interview

In a society like ours where we have so many graduates whether competent or not (discussion for another day) a lot of people are confused about how to go about job interviews and securing that needed job. Most people think answering questions satisfactorily will get them the job, after all most visas are issued on this basis. At a visa interview, if you can convince a consular office of your true intentions for traveling, the odds are that you'll get your traveling documents and be on the go. A job interview is not quite the same, they may want to employ only 10 and invite 100, for every 10 invited, only one gets the job. There is need to stand out and make a lasting impression in this case and In sha Allah get the job. Let me regale you with the story of Basit who went for a job interview. What made this interview interesting was that they were nine applying for the same position. And all nine were interviewed at the same time. They were subjected to the same question at every round, but what made Basit get the job was that after the interview, all the panelists could remember him vividly. And how did he managed that? For every time he was going to answer a question, he would answer with a little story. That was it. He got the job. Now, this might not be possible in all situations, Basit studied the environment and planned his tack and it worked. Another employer might see that as time wasting or over confidence, you need to be smart and know what works at a particular situation. One common question you get during job interviews is: "Why should we hire you?" The average person would answer with "You should hire me because I'm qualified, hard-working and eager to make a difference" or you could go into a brief explanation of fresh ideas and innovation you want to bring to the company to show that you have done some research and have some insight on how to move their organisation forward. The last thing you want to do on a job interview is disappear into the confusing sea of job-seekers that a hiring manager is desperately trying to keep separate in his mind. Your job at a job interview is to get the manager thinking. Neural and mental activity is the key. If you stay in the standard frame and answer the questions like a good little sheepie job candidate, the manager may literally forget who you are. The Late 'Kunle Olaifa, an HR professional who was a Co-Partner at Career Solutions, made me understand earlier this year that the biggest problem job-seekers face after job interviews is that hiring managers literally can't remember them once they step out of the room. Once a manager forgets you, all the thank-you notes in the world won't bring you back to mind as a living, breathing human being, much less a contender for the job. Your aim at a job interview is to be warm, have a good spirit, be prepared and make a lasting impression. You should not just come sit in the chair like robot which has been programmed to give predefined answers on request. It doesn't work that way. Every employer needs someone who can add real value to the organisation. Before you appear in front of any job interviewer, you need to be aware of the fact that it might not be you alone he/she is interviewing for that position and probably you would all be subjected to the same set of questions. So, there is need to stand out from the crowd by answering the question in a unique and intelligible way that would make your name and person stick to the head of the interviewer or even an entire panel just like Basit. As much as we tend to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for a job interview, we should never forget spiritual preparation. It is only Almighty Allah we worship and it is from him we do ask for help. (Q1:5). Remember to say a lot of Wabillahi Taofeek when attending any interview at all, put your best foot forward and whichever way it goes, accept it as Allah's will. Wish you the best at your next interview. Salam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu. Ridwan Adeoye is an animal geneticist, a social media enthusiast and a staff writer at 1one4.com.

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