Ridwan Adeoye: Top Islamic Apps For Your Apple Devices

Apple's portable devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and now the iPad) allow users to download games, ebook readers, music, video, and other useful and entertaining "apps" (applications). You can also use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to enrich your life as a Muslim. These Islamic apps are useful for reading Qur'an, calculating prayer times, and even finding halal food. You can download these apps from the App Store in iTunes. iQur'an and iQur'an This app features the complete Qur'an along with recitation and verse-by-verse translation. The format and font is beautiful and easy to read; the app is easy to navigate and use. The repeat function allows for recitation practice, and the user can add bookmarks and notes. The app also allows for full text searching of the Qur'an and any supported translations. The pro version has added features such as additional recitations and translations, and viewing in either landscape or portrait mode. Qur'an App This app is a concentrate of the best Qur'an reciters in the world, an amazing user interface design, and the best set of features. With Qur'an app you can; Read the Holy Qur'an in Arabic alongside its translation ( French, English or even have explanation and meaning), Bookmark your favorites surat and reciters, Qur'anic Supplications, Share with your family and friends, Download recitations of more than 23 reciters, Play audio in the background while you're using your iPhone/iPad and so many other wonderful features. iPray and iPray Pro Get prayer timings for your local city, along with qiblah direction and adhan. Thousands of cities around the globe are currently supported. The user can also access a five-day schedule and a Hijri calendar. The Pro version allows the user to add additional cities (useful when traveling), add more alerts and notifications, and change more of the prayer calculation settings. Some users report that the qiblah compass is not always accurate, but other features of this app are well-reviewed. Islamic Calendar This App lets you view the Current Islamic Calendar (Hijri) Dates and Events along with the Gregorian Calendar Dates. A very useful app for our Islamic and Muslim community to determine the proper days on which to observe the annual fast (Ramadan) and to attend Hajj, in addition to also know about other Islamic holidays and festivals. This app allows you to; View current Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates, View a list of Islamic Events for any Year, Lets you view Hijri Date on App Icon, View the Moon Phase for the current date, Convert dates from Gregorian to Hijri and Hijri to Gregorian (Requires pro upgrade), Monthly Calendar mode to view complete year's dates (Requires pro upgrade), chose from 8 Beautiful Islamic Calendar Themes to select from. Islamic Compass Islamic Compass will tell you when and to which direction to pray. It includes a beautiful compass always pointing to Makkah from any position in the world and it plays an adman when it's time to pray at your location! You DO NOT need a data connection to use Islamic Compass! Islamic Compass will find your GPS position automatically and without customizing any settings. It will point the compass towards Qibla and will calculate all daily and future prayers times. The easy-to-use adman alarm will be activated through iOS 4 local notification service. Everything is customizable to your need. Hadith Pro Hadith Pro is the best Hadith app on the market. Hadith Pro maintains a sleek, modern, and user-friendly interface with an easy to navigate interface. With 13 books, 34,000+ hadiths, favorite and random functionalities, reading Hadiths have never been easier and enjoyable. Features: Sleek and Modern look, All Hadiths in English AND Arabic, Bookmark your favorite Hadiths, Random tab to randomize all 34,000 Hadiths, Easy to navigate system with numbers on chapters and Hadiths. Ainun Ainun allows you to apply photo filters and add words as well as Islamic calligraphic art onto your pictures to make them extra special. The app’s name means ‘eyes’ in Arabic, chosen because the app sets out to capture ‘moments through Muslims’ eyes’. The contemporary feel of its typography and filters will surely hook its Instagram fans, but you can also share photos from Ainun to Facebook, Twitter, Path, and Google+. Ainun is compatible with most iOS, including iPod Touch and iPad. InstaDeen With a more classic look and feel, InstaDeen enables you to add Islamic captions taken from Qur’anic verses, hadiths and du’as onto your pictures. InstaDeen’s features are more limited than Ainun, and it only has 3 sharing options: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Nevertheless, with around 400 choices, you have a variety of quotes to choose from. With all these wonderful apps, I am sure your Muslim life will be in top form as it always should be. May Allah (swt) reward and bless all our acts of worship. Salam. Ridwan Adeoye is an animal geneticist, tech buff and a staff writer at 1one4.com.

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