I am not capable to write on this topic efficiently since I haven’t mastered the art of saving time myself, even my mum still counselled me few hours ago to stop wasting so much time on my mobile phone, she says whether you are reading news, books or articles or not or idling away yourself on social networks and on instagram (I still don’t understand my obsession with that app, I should delete it sometime soon insha Allah), she advised me to do more productive things that doesn’t involve phones and laptops.

I totally understand her as I know of the Hadith that says “not a single dawn breaks out without two angels calling out: “oh! Son of adam, I am a new day and I witness your actions, so make the best out of me because I will never come back till the day of judgement”

Each day we spent in this world must be filled with things to be proud of, things that are productive and things that would benefit us both in this life and in the hereafter.

I understand the urge to waste away on social networks and on BBM with friends but of what benefit is it to us in this world and in the hereafter? So I consulted one of my favorite books “Training guide for Islamic workers written by Hisham Altalib” for hints on saving time.  


Follow these suggestions for a few days and you will be astounded at the results.

1.Plan your day each morning by writing down the things to do and check them off as they are done.

2. Never visit a friend without informing or calling him on telephone.

3.Always have a pencil and a paper or a small notebook in your pocket so that you can jot down plans and ideas during your spare time.

4. Plan rest times and try to match them with prayer times. Utilize spare times by reading, memorizing or doing something constructive.

5. When you make an appointment, be sure that both parties understand the exact time.

6. Adjust your travelling time to distance involved, making reasonable allowance for the unexpected, so that you can arrive at the appointed time.

7. Have all items on hand before starting a job, whether it be cooking, writing an article or preparing a speech.

8. Do not make a trip in person if you can accomplish the same through a letter or a telephone call.

9. Avoid people who are thoughtless and selfish enough to steal your time.

10. Fill your car with gas when you are passing your favorite filling station, avoid a special trip and by all means, never run out of gas; it will make you look stupid! 

11. Keep proper change at all times for bus, taxi fares or telephone calls.  

12. If you have errands or shopping to do, make a written note of all items and plan your activities so that you will not double your journey but cover the least amount of distance.

There are also other time savers we can invent and create by ourselves. We should not be against rest and enjoyment but against wastage of time.

Also, a good portion of our lives is spent with our friends, what kind of conversation we indulge in during that time.

Remember the following wisdom

Great minds discuss ideas,

Average minds discuss events,

Small minds discuss other people,

And very small minds discuss themselves.

Let us all dedicate at most 1hr daily to all our social networks and make productive use of our time. May almighty Allah make it easy.  Ameen. 


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