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I am a Muslim and I recently just started observing my salaat- Alhamdullilah. I have been doing everything to improve my Iman and I pray Almighty Allah makes it easy for me. Four month ago, I did something that I am really regretting at the moment. It is really eating me up.

In the organization where I work, there is a Muslimah (wears cap). She prays regularly and really encouraged me to do so as well. In truth, she really contributed to the improvement of my Iman. On a fateful weekend, we met at the Ikeja City Mall (ICM); I introduced her to a friend (who is a Christian). We decided to have lunch together and they really got along due to their mutual love for reading books. After lunch, they exchanged contact information because they really wanted to continue the exciting book discussion.

Two months later, I noticed a change in my colleague. I began to basically force her to come for salaat which she reluctantly did. I didn’t think much to it because I thought it was due to the excess workload we had at that time. After a while, her usual excuses became the “I’m off salaat” thingy till I stopped going to call her at her department. On a Monday, she gave me a shocker. She came to the office without her usual head scarf. I asked her why she had her hair exposed and she said it was the hot weather. Gradually, she started wearing the short (and tight) skirts to the office. A lot of people praised her; some said they never knew she had such a nice shape. Well, I noticed the same thing but I was more shocked than being impressed.

On a Saturday, I went to visit my friend (the book lover). We had made plans to go watch movies at the ICM the previous day. I dragged myself all the way to the fourth floor, feeling so tired, I knocked the door. I heard a female voice ask; “who is that?” I didn’t reply but the lady opened the door. I stood there, looking at the lady with my strength charged to 200%. She said hi to me and I still couldn’t say anything.

So many questions ran through my mind and I was only brought back to reality when she dragged me in. What was she doing here? It quickly dawned on me that after I had introduced them to each other at the mall 4months ago, they must have continued their book discussion and develop feelings for each other. He demanded she becomes a Christian and she blindly accepted out of love. She says she's over 30 and needs a husband before menopause beacons. Every time I see her at work, I feel guilt running through my veins. Please what do you advise I do?


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