Sisters, Let’s Talk: Middle Ground between Haram Policing and Male Obligations

By Ayatullah Muhammad


I believe we’ve been familiar with news headlines relating to “murder for honour” common in our communities in the sub-continent. You need not to be inundated with links or stories anymore as you should be tired with the ones you’ve suffered right around you. Be it “Ashewo” calls, other forms of slutshaming and the regular catcalls, one doesn’t have to take a flight anymore to be harassed when you can get served right on virtual mediums or on your timelines.

Lemme play “Devil’s advocate” for a moment.

Sorry if it sounds as such, but it is never meant not be one of them write-ups.

We leave aside for just a few minutes read, those trolls whom I have described as elsewhere as ‘Auxiliary Conservatives’?—?your regular FB/Twirraagbero or offline rapscallion hinging to a popular preachers rhetoric or cultural bandwagons. (I can assure you that these empty barrels are confined to the annals of the era and not even History. They are relishing their last moments of relevance against the extremist fangs of modernity for which they either have to submit to or change their ways to sensible(knowledge driven)paths in other to survive it’s onslaught)

Yes I(am not speaking for ALL males)… I get you! I get you (hopefully)clearly.Honor Killings are outrageous and barbaric even if one slides towards ‘theFEMEN route’(may God protect us from tribulations), same also applies to its ‘cousin alternative’ popular around us?—?which is to plan to marry them(“deviant” daughters)out instantly. Am sure not even a “ritualist” in any culture will be accepting such as a worthy sacrifice for dedication. Coupled with what seems to be a double standard of “investing” on women preaching and ignoring their young brethren with “jumping pants” and rag looking trousers in the name of fashion, we do indeed have a problem.

Yes I acknowledge that. At the same time, I'm to assume that we (readers engaging this write up) are all people of the same amplitude of common sense by not validating the actions of the slain woman prior to this dastard act worthy of no scholarly defense. Please if you do, then I am to believe that we have ‘no converging theologies ‘or common boundaries to move this discussion forward. In short, “we don’t blend” so for your own discretion, halting here and using the X button at the corner is at your service.

But the ‘Auxiliary cons’ aside, for they are a problem with a time frame to be short lived. I contend…. that we have do have a problem amidst us with no time frame, a peculiar problem (of ALL generations) that boils down to the individual, yet has become compounded by negligence AND has become a matter for public re-evaluation. I won’t be going into specifics, so even though we’ll still be philosophical the most time, we just won’t be doing away with the atmosphere of politically incorrectness.

Yes we do have a so called “Modesty” problem. Be it a comprehension one or in practice by various strands.

Yes we have a HIJAB problem.

And not talking about it because of other problems in the air doesn’t make it less of an issue. Let’s delve deeper to the message first. Engage with your text Surah A’raf 7:26–27 within the context of Adam’s expulsion, to be learnt from:

O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness?—?that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.

O children of Adam, let not Satan tempt you as he removed your parents from Paradise, stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts. Indeed, he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them. Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe.

The goals out there in the verses above should now be clearer than day light. There is one fear to avoid and at the same time there is a goal to met?—?which we ideally should have in mind. Your garment has a ‘purpose’ for short?—?and it’s not meant to just cover a body OR parts of it with a below mediocre consciousness level. If we are to focus on trying to “reform” other issues directly affecting us(in this case you), then not talking about holistic reforms is to play politics with God’s law and His struggles to be striven for . It’s typical for us ranters and complainers today to bask into topics that meet our comfort styles and zones across the extremes while ignoring what’s not peculiar to our struggles at the opposite margins within this victimhood culture we’ve nurtured. Forget about ‘them’ using it as a bait. Let’s talk about YOU the individual at the front lines or as a passionate victim.

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.” (Ra’dvs 11)

But this is not my problem for the day. In fact, contrary to watagwan above, we won’t be delving into particularities (or FIQH issues). Apologies if it has seemed too much like a meander so far. The main problem here is about me and my “selfishness”?—?it may sound more as a perceived one?—?in a bit. Yes, in some worth, I have to be a capitalist.

Between Haram Policing and My Duties

To head straight to the point, that in as much as we are not ordained as individuals to police the lives of any individuals whatsoever, I must have to burst a bubble that clearly indicates that it goes has far as “obligation” upon a one gender to carry out a specific role requiring cognizance over the other?—?which if I must add sounds as much like the popular Haram Policing in virtual lingua.

If you haven’t come across this quote below, abeg type it on your search bar and make it a subject of research for a later. From a popular (in terms of authenticity) Hadith, we get:

“A Duyooth (or Dayooth) will not enter Jannah (Paradise)”

See ba, to be frank with you this statement is a problem for me as a solo and silent ‘g’ in in the word Lasagna. We’ll get to the explanation after the summary. A “Duyooth” can be linguistically translated to ‘cuckold’ for basics. Yet scholarly interpretation extends it down to translations pertaining to custodianship (the word “control” doesn’t really matter regardless the context), but specifically an extension to one’s patriarchal width. This is suppose be acted upon in form of ‘passive jealousy’ posing NO harm whatsoever but rather meant to sprout goodness. The Arabic word for this is ‘Gheerah’ (or Ghayrah). My preferred translation for it is “Protective Jealousy”.

Back to discussion, Oya Let’s Talk.

Over the years of Hardship and trials, I have tried as much as possible to be one with an uncommon ‘principled liberal life’. Similar to one sounding like “Shebi you won’t listen, Okay! You are on your own” to keep my head afloat amidst the #staywoke crowd hopefully until the end. Of course this extended to not giving a damn about family’s way of life regarding their beliefs and pathways to their goals.

To elaborate further, this is the only factor for which I can identify as a “Capitalist” using socio-economic labels. Born alone? Well to be Buried alone, Raised alone, Judged alone (hopefully I died alone or bad luck to you) and hopefully snitch(on you) on Judgement day for extra capital. C minus hopefully shouldn’t be worse as JAMB or Programming but African Timing... In more recent times, ‘spiritual rivalry’ (though dirtier than that of the first two Caliphs) has been my bane while I assumed all of y’all could forever stay rat racing and mocking my worldly deficiency or nerdiness. Not at all a form of self-righteousness. Just me simply thinking everyone has a brain and a right to vandalize their lives for whatever pursuits they wanted to. I’d catch up with their fall and aimed to beat the so called “riser”, at the end I felt the need to rehearse the “every man for himself” surah Abasa bar before time ‘tocked’.

Sadly, Just as many instances highlighting ‘collective growth’ towards higher and cloud 9 successes (Jannatul Firdausi), Numero Uno has played another one on me with this one. The Hadith line above reads to me in lines of “ Sannu ‘The Sly Fox’! for your mind na you wise pass. You never finish dey wash plate oya wait” and that of a current reality “ Yo small ‘g’! since you can’t stop other peoples daughters being messed up or from messing ‘my society’ up, well how about yours? You asleep bruh? you never reach G level yet oya wake up”. Both of which rubbish the very ideologies of spiritual individualism and religious isolationism (i.e. exceptionalism) various strands have been peddling in the face of modernity’s onslaught when in reality they are dancing to their tune AND borrowing their principles for minimal hereafter gains.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse, a reference of Ibn Abbas had to spoil it all. Purportedly gotten from the historian ShamsuddinAdhDhahabi’s SiyarAlam An-Nubala,  that had to be the end game quote for me that sparked the lottery guy in me. Ibn Abbas was reported to have gone *into details*, as far as making two conditional statements (‘ifs’) regarding a husbands lousiness who allows his wife do(wear) whatever she wishes outside her home. Even going into specifics mentioning the punishment/curse on a husband for allowing her wear “tight trousers”(‘fitted’ for briefs) or clothing (pointing at (the idea of) a “Hijab” basically) and going out without issuing his distaste or reprimanding her.

Oh dear! I’d hope that quote was a set up against my affinity for the Prophet’s young prodigy, but for any one whose familiar with the personality of the exegete Ibn Abbas himself, yet goes as far as dismissing the quote (if sound) can’t be anywhere further than ‘doomsville’. For a ‘Scholar of the Book’, familiar for his lenient/ “path of ease” personality, to go as far as enumerating details of boundaries of tolerance, to me is and end of discussion. Mind you this is a scholar who said in regards to the verse of Surah Nisaa “…and men have a degree (higher) over women” that he didn’t like to burden his wife to fulfilling her obligations( hence showing consideration by virtue of this verse) but he obliged himself(and encourages other men) to doing theirs in full to their spouses [AtTabari].

NB: I’ve exhausted quite a lot in digging for my misplaced munched reference of AdhDhahabi’s quote but sadly no success :( . Pretty much the spark of this piece that I had at heart. Feel free hence to discard or disregard the above paragraph due to lack of proof for back up. I however feel obliged to still state it, not just in case a good samaritan can help assist later, but also because it still flashes into memory due to its emphatic stresses of some of the Qawwam responsibilities a husband of tomorrow can’t afford to neglect?—?not especially in an era of partial nudity for “one day occasions” sake in the name of “traditional” weddings and halal occasions. Sadly but certainly this has acted as a hermeneutic of the scriptural references themselves as the one noted earlier, which we indiscriminately peddle leading to desensitization among us. Hopefully will also be one of my soul tools in determining the success of any contracts with the ‘potentials’ at God’s timing.]

Okay…. Enough of this English! Let’s understand oursefs now.

See ba,me I have been given an obligation…, we are jus going to have to negotiate. (You can end up wherever you want to, na you get your head but) My one way ticket on Judgement day is tied to your matter. (As If I don’t have enough wahala) OyaThis is the Deal. let’s table it down!

We may not be able to “settle this Once….” but let’s keep discussing onward. You should by now understand the circumstances above a little. Obviously, I don’t care about you (I pretend), but you should be in my shoes. Firstly, We can come to terms or I(again not speaking for All males) understand that my responsibility as divinely ordained Qawwam is not to over power, yet is a position of ‘obligated responsibility’ which as a writer feigning “principled liberal/ Muslim Capitalist” I don’t like. (To Those who enjoy ‘husbandhood’ besides true servitude and warming the parlour’s Sofa, I ask whether you haven’t learnt from the history of the rich, tyrants and Pharaohs around you).

To simply put, I didn’t ask for this role, I submitted, it’s a task given, I have to accept, I have to one way or the other(may God pity my grey hairs) have you cooperate, get my work done and get the heck outta here to wait on the plains of accountability. If you happen to be my spouse/ blood sister(or a Human being for short) then sorry that your face will be looking dirty to me on that day for a moment. Sorry fam! I have to pickrace. What were your responsibilities again? Can I even be bothered? (May I epp? Just Kidding! ain’t no Agbero got time for that). Consult Chapter 80, Abasa verses for precise context.

However, to care about you for a moment (let the real socialist me please stand up), there are already authentic narrations buttressing the implications of such waywardness towards the Hijab for women. If I have to highlight that for your research?—?otherwise *skip*:

  • You have popular narratives from the Prophet’s ascendance (IsraWaMi’raj) to the heavens where he was shown the fire and different types of women been punished. One of which her characteristics was a purposeful show off/display her strand of hair alongside other misdeeds.
  • Another would be the one relevant for our timings, which is the one implicating “one clothed while being naked”, among whose meanings also include the literal, with respect to ladies wearing thin and revealing clothing in the name of “outward garments” yea.

The often question: why the often fixation on women? From a position of ordering righteousness, it’s an obligation as stated earlier. With respect to the obligation of Hijab, there is more for them to cover in comparison to the other sex by virtue of their Creator’s virtue(Al-Jamil) and endowments bestowed upon them which isn’t to say it’s a curse. Hence this is common sense. At the end, both sexes must observe the maxims of Hijab legislated. (You will go into the history books to find a companion by the name Dihya bin Kalbi rarely observing Niqab due to his extraordinary handsomeness reported in other to prevent trials upon his Muslim sisters. One word?—?Common Sense)

The popularization of this fancy culture(relating to the Hadith on ‘Nakedness despite clothing’) with total disregard for ones internal state of consciousness while simultaneously trying to sling towards other problems, chanting “reforms” slogans of our Qiblah is what exactly the joke of our double consciousness is about. This popular 40 Hadith comes to mind (Nawawi Hadith 10) upon the messengers request that we seek/eat from Pure (tayyibat) and do righteous works :

“….Then he (peace be upon him) mentioned a man who, having journeyed far, is dishevelled and dusty, and who spreads out his hands to the sky saying, “O Lord! O Lord!” while his food is haram, his drink is haram, his clothing is haram, and he has been nourished with haram, so how can [his supplication] be answered?”

Rounding Up

Having a report contrasting both Gheerah and Duyooth perhaps may add to ones comprehension of the topic. Once the controversial Ibn T was poised a question:

“from the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) it says that when Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, created Paradise, He said: “By My glory and majesty, no miser, liar or cuckold(duyooth) will enter you.” The cuckold is the one who has no protective jealousy or pride. In al-Saheehit is narrated that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The believer has protective jealousy (Gheerah) and Allah has protective jealousy, and the protective jealousy of Allah is that no slave should do that which is forbidden to him.”

No, Ghayrah/Gheera isn’t for men alone contrary to popular cultural/patriarchal insinuations. Even women do have to exercise minimal jealousy despite theirs been very natural. In a Hadith in SunanAbuDawud (Book of Marriage), when a question was posed as to why he didn’t marry from the women of the city he migrated into, his response was that they had a “strong sense of Gheera”. The elders derived so many Fiqh rulings from this fact, including the prophetic show of consideration towards cultures that weren’t directly suited towards polygamy without prior (mental or psychological) warm ups or preparations to it. Quintessential examples of “Protective Jealousy”” from the prophet’s wives can be seen in Aisha’s jealousy towards Juwayriyya amongst others for example, which I implore all ladies to read, not to be put aside and also teach from it here.

By now the matter of Duyooth and Gheera should have been hammered well enough. Not satisfied yet? For more virtue of “protective jealousy” common among Arab culture of the time you can check the next paragraph, otherwise skip to the next after the italicized.

Ibn T’s School Boy, Ibn Q has some strong words worthy of resonating on:
“The foundation of the Religion is Ghayrah, and the one without Ghayrah is one without Religion, for Ghayrah protects the heart and enlivens the limbs, and shields one from evil and lewdness, and lack of Ghayrah kills the heart so that the limbs die, so that there remains not even shielding from [the minor things].

And the example of Ghayrah in the heart is the example of the strength that shields one from sickness and fights it off, so if the strength leaves, he will be faced with the sickness, and will not find anything to protect himself from it, so it will establish itself [within him] and destroy him .” (Ad DaaWaddDawaaPg 87 source:

One thing to affirm clearly is that custodianship and the obligation of protective jealousy is upon one’s “Maharims”(folks not marriageable by Shari’ah) and not outside your compound. Also for women, it’s not a means to hold one’s husband hostage especially relating to his right to multiple contracts (marriages). Gheera, even if a man grows up within a culture that rarely cherishes or encourages it, he should be encouraged to develop it. Going by my notion of being a “principled liberal”, I have to go as far as *faking it*(for God’s sake of course) to meet my quota of “doing a good job”. Hence if it wasn’t for misplaced priorities and extremism, in an ideal society for Muslims, the virtue shouldn’t be restricted to demonstration on one’s siblings and relatives alone. We clearly see this from the our Islamic hero, Umar’s (AS) demonstration towards Sawdah (AS. The Wife of the Prophet) once on her way out. The boss of the believers was known for having Gheerah even towards the wives of the prophet,  which subsequently led to two revelations: the order to wear Jilbaab (Hijab or Niqab) as well as bestowing women’s rights to getting their needs outside of the sanctuary of a home. [Verses relating to injunctions in Surah Ahzab Source Al Bukhari, Muslims and notes on Women scholarship from CIC institute]

This isn’t to say that men and brothers can go about eyeing and challenging men OR beating their sisters or women folk within their custody/reach for talking to non related men?—?I got love for Solange Knowles Gheera/punches buh les be Islamic for the hereafter (sorry guys, if you’ve also nodded your head all along, then you can count me as a deviant in this matter). In fact, Gheera for women, relevant for our era of western obsession with the Hijab, will be the example of our beloved (SAW) besieging a tribe (BanuQaynuqa) in defense ONE woman’s honor. [Let’s check ‘Sealed Nectar’ by Sh. Mubarakpuri] for this one.

Sorry, I don’t see the role of a divinely appointed custodian (Qawwam) as a disciplinary master or some kind of ‘tree hugger’. There are indeed so many popular high esteem riffraff opinions and even personal scholarly ones on Gheerah and “Free mixing” that I don’t submit too with due respect and humility. These from my study are based on false romanticism of the Sahaba (companions) era for which there appears to be a great deal of significant historical facts from the Seerah (Prophet’s Legacy) in stark contradiction to such admonitions and unrealistic pulpit propositions, meant for the time being?—?that can only fit templates of one’s idealism if at all they weren’t to further affect (oppress) certain demographics of the populace. (Noteworthy: that such segregation worthy reasons begged by Umar (including that of a ‘mixed congregation’ meal with Aisha besides him), weren’t ‘the lead’ (we call it Sababnuzul) to legislation of segregation in ‘important aspects’ of worship. Rather (proper adherence of) Hijab was revealed to help curtail problems elsewhere especially in matters of social interaction (Muamalat). Matter for another day)

The fact today is that with the realities of growing in hybrid and post-colonial societies, you are likely to find manifestations of Gheera in people with no idea of a Qiblah is than us, hence the feeling of safety when sisters are in their company. And that’s because the sick irony is the fact that our so called Muslim societies can’t meet safety thresholds for our women. Meaning that we are likely to find our brethren exhibiting traits of disbelievers e.g. harassment and catcalls and defend such by blaming their clothing or other flimsy excuses. Thus enabling them to run towards non-Muslims whom they ironical find as allies in protection and stemming away these post-colonial gender injustices.

Overall, the way to thrash such problems is to be armed with knowledge AND Adab?—?loosely translated as “Manners”. Wisdom is definitely a factor alongsidepatience and persistence as we’ve been warned “You don’t (get to) guide whom you love(inclined towards)”(Surah Qasas). It’s not a one day task unless you are in the capacity of “The ‘rotator’ of hearts”?—?no point saying the dua “YamuqallibulQuluub…” then. Indeed, the painstaking path to moderation or ‘balance’ is the key to curtailing extremes on both ends.

Enough with the hastiness or hasty Da’wah but… na where we dey be that and that’s how we roll.

At the end, the Idea of one having Gheera (protective jealousy) from an Islamic perspective is more of a spiritual exercise or virtue than an inherent “natural”, though was common within the Arab culture. Hence the rubbishing of the notion of killing one’s sibling as “Islamic” despite clear cut stipulations of matters of law in the scripture. Added to such which must be criticized is the popular notion that quick ‘arranged marriages’ (of course usually without emphatic consent from the lady) can be a suitable methodology to “fixing” an adult’s character in the name of “saving the family name”.

Logically this cannot be anything but one’s tacit admission of his gross incompetence, engaging in a ‘trade off’ so as to be saddled my another man (husband) for whom if we reside in a circle of pessimism as the former, will also be responsible for the birthing of ‘societal misfits’( with varieties of extremism from such union). The other most common option besides ‘managing’ until the end?—?a charged family atmosphere?—?will be to condemn her to the stigma of divorce AND contributing to the divorce statistics. The recycling of a ‘bastardized nation’ if one may be blunt, it doesn’t seem to be a model community for which the Shariah was revealed to protect and propagate. Gentlemen! Patriarchs! “Qawwammun”! we have to upgrade our competency level.


[Main piece ended here. Next are extra lines of thought and the way forward]

Final Notes?—?Eman Evolution Logic

Many of you may be hearing or reading something like this for the first time. This is what I can think we should do. May God firstly forgive all our shortcoming as we all have an obligation to which we slack in or towards.

As stated from the on start, this wasn’t meant to be a session on teaching Jurisprudence of clothing or Dressing (Fiqh). But one point I can note which is important, is that we cannot afford to renegade on our obligations. Hijab may start for all on a dressing level, but it doesn’t end there. Meaning if you’ve been on that very same type of consciousness (or dressing) for 10 years, 10 months, 10 hours, 10 minutes, 10 seconds…you are probably doing it wrong. If you haven’t been keeping track of time, yet can acknowledge a self improvement in you, from short skirts to tight pants (trousers) and hopefully further, then this piece probably wasn’t for you in the first place. You are definitely on the path of excellence and may God continue to upgrade you as you make progress in submission. The Point is simple, EVOLVE!! One’s Faith (Imaan) in the heart is never stagnant, it oscillates and one has to keep an eye on it. So if it’s steady, it likely may be on the fall mode heading for rock bottom.

So if we understand the psychology of the devil, that he’s bent on taking off our garments (Surah A’raf), then we’d understand what the fashion industry around us is aiming at. We already understand that it’s the innate nature of women to want to reveal a manifestation of God’s virtue in them?—?which is ‘Beauty’ coz he’s beautiful (Al-Jamil). That virtue isn’t inherently Haram (because it’s actually His, given to youbut utilizing it in the manner The Fashioner(Al Musawwir) and The Creator (Al Khaliq) Himself wants it to be used is obligatory. Meaning, covering most of one’s physical beauty(for women) within the recognized/valid boundaries of Sharia, so that one’s innermost body radiates more is what is more pleasing to His Majesty (Dhul Jalal). This explanation should (for now at least) save us unnecessary delving into an hour podcast of scientific research about how a societies liberal attitude towards dressing can impact on men’s testosterone levels and psychology. Yes the obligation is to limit what leads to ‘gaze catching’ as much as the injunction of “lowering the Gaze”. To simply put for beginners, the tool is called “blocking the means to harm” (SaddusZara’i).

If you are still curious or confused about a guideline for “What the border lines are” for Hijab and what not, my ‘general rule’ or yardstick for a friend is:

Whatever you are ‘comfortable’ Praying (to your Lord) in is Hijab

On a rational level, it doesn’t appeal to the average intellect, to designate a ‘special dressing’(wrapping up) for God while marking another for God’s very own creation(outside your sanctuary(Home) especially) when everyone is to submit equally to Him and not just YOU. Hence the word ‘comfortable’. I mean he is definitely not coercing you into submission (Islam) so why the outward pretense of a double life? Regardless, even if in reality, the dressing doesn’t conform to a dominant strain of thought around you or in your community, one is bound to see themselves improve as explained earlier. Because spiritual evolution is what is key and not outward stagnation. Eventually that should actually manifest on the outward as they aren’t to be mutually exclusive. Hence the Eman evolution logic above.

Caveat: Understanding that Hijab today is as much as a death sentence, so also can it be thought as a moniker for resistance, for the causes you strive for and injustices against you. For which the eventual reward paid by ones life or public shaming and harassment is with God in abundance. While it’s a matter of understanding one’s priorities, balancing between love for the world and the after life, the question to the asked is ‘the actual worth of the cause’ to you are jogging for. Why sign up or still in the game(of passive ‘Submission’) till now. How do your “solo targets” besides His rival the ones which have been clearly outlined for you. (The reward for ‘falling’ on the way of God is no small bounties. One can consult the books for verification).

“….But the clothing of righteousness?—?that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.” (Surah A’raf: 27)

That is after giving you or bestowing you with ‘several’ bounties and varieties for adornments purposes, be it for parties, weddings, or just to feel comfy. Butthat of righteousness has a Goal in mind among other meanings. For refusing to take hid, you are denied the privilege of being one of the people of remembrance, and that is a slippery slope to ingratitude, which is the gate way to as many sins as you can enumerate.(Ask the Satan again for why he became an outlaw by will). Heading for the rock bottom. Gravity result that is antithetical to the logic above.

Also because your brother doesn’t do it (display his protective jealousy)on you as much as he does to his ‘crush’, doesn’t make it okay for you to ignore his negligence towards you. His ignorance is certainly not bliss. How about you help him in gradually attaining piety through your obedience, and also look forward in prepping your spouses and descendants? Community work: Submit and save him from being a Duyooth. Teach your son how to fake it for his siblings(outside) or cultivate it within his earth while learning to mind his business for the most. I do not believe that we (men) for not having it.Excessive Jealousy is a problem and is clear cut insecurity, which I rather not adopt my entire life. In these times of Islamophobia however, Gheera of defending *any* Muslim Woman’s honor against the ignorant like the Sahabidied for and the Prophet would is paramount. Especially for vividly practicing women and the slurs they’d get day in and out. Let’s stay woke!

An important quote purportedly from the Young Ibn Abbas (RH)

“Stay obedient to Allâh, stay away from disobeying Allâh and command your families to remember Allâh, and He will save you from the Fire.”[Tafsir At-Tabari]”

Here is extra academic references, discussion, analysis relating to quotes on wanton display of adornments.


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