Summayyah: The First martyr

As events are unfolding all over the world, Muslim women have continued to raise their voices against violence, injustice, inhuman treatment and most importantly they are raising their voices for islam.

Millions of these women have lost their lives in the process and more and more are losing their lives in Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Chechnya, Egypt and even in Nigeria where many women and children were killed in baga recently.

This women martyr stories is that of courage, integrity and deep devotion to the message the beloved prophet brought to mankind. These women did not confine themselves to the corners of their homes nor occupy themselves with trivial matters. These women possessed the zeal and the will to sacrifice their lives and all that they were used to such as family ties and familiar territories for the sake of Allah.

Some of this women got their courage from Muslim women in history and the significant role they played in Islam. When going through the history of Muslim women, I have found attitudes and incidents that are rarely found in non Muslim women. One of them worth mentioning is summayyah bint khubbat.

Summayyah bint khubbat was a slave of Abu Hudayfah who married yasir, the makkah society was happy for this marriage between one of their good mannered allies and a respectable former slave.

The offspring from that marriage were two boys named ammar and Abdullah.

Summayyah and her family accepted islam without further ado after hearing of the new faith, because they accepted islam, summayyah and her husband were tortured to death by abu jahl.

The more they tortured summayyah, the stronger her faith.  she and her family were whipped, chained, kicked and dragged to the desert area of makkah on the hot sand under the burning sun. they whipped  and kicked them, despite all this inhuman treatment meted out to them there family did not give in.

They more they tortured summayyah, the stronger her faith grew. And paradise was the only thing the yasir family strove for.

After the mahzum chief, abu jahl came and saw the strength in summayyah he tried to win her over to his side, but she did not listen. Then he threatened her and waved his spear in her face, but she only smiled sarcastically. Driven mad by her smile, the man shoved to stab her in the abdomen, but it slipped from his hand and pierced her in the private parts, killing her.

Thus summayyah died a martry, the prophet (saw) prayed for yasir family saying

“Oh Allah, do not admit any of the yasir family to hellfire".

It is indeed glorious to all muslim women that the first martyr in islam was a woman.

All women are invited to be like Sumayyah in her manners, worship and benevolence. And may Allah admit into paradise all muslim women who have remained steadfast on the path of Islam and those that have died on the path of islam.

Isn't it time to learn from them and follow the examples of our great women who fought with the prophet (SAW) for the sake of this religion.

May Allah make it easy. Ameen.

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