The 3 Losers - The Enemy of You & I

I am a Muslim, I am always proud to be one Allah (SWT) has told me I am the best of mankind. He (SWT) has taught me the path to Jannah (paradise) via His messenger (SAW) and confirmed Him (SAW) as the best example He (SWT) has told me, there is no compulsion in religion Muhammad (SAW) had shown me the best example towards my goal (paradise) Kindness to all creatures – human (Muslims & Non-Muslims), animals and everything was His way Tolerance was his style of living; many accepted the message via his gentle, subtle manner of approach He (saw) taught me all and advised me to save my soul when all is upside down I have tried all my life to apply these teachings but Shaytan (Satan) and his three losers/tools won't let me rest. The 3 Losers are: *The wanna-be Muslims: they bomb and kill innocent people for their selfish aim attributing it to Islam - They would come to know! Says Allah (SWT). *The Haters: All they want to hear is bad things about Islam; they spread the news, hurt me, embarrass me and make my brethren suffer. You know them; they’re next to you and me - media houses and the likes. *The Benefactor: They engineer the whole scene most times between the two above, stay back to watch bad things happen, then raise their flag to help meanwhile all they do is benefit from people's ignorance. For example, the governments - foreign and local, celebrities, elites, Politicians etc. NOW, I understand their scheme - all they want is to confuse me as I walk the path to my goal – paradise, but going forward I will ignore them; work hard at being a better Muslim - A MUMIN, help my brethren and others who care to know the truth. I am gonna continue doing good to others - Muslims, Non-Muslims, Animals, Trees and E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I am gonna satisfy and fear my God alone and worry less about what others think of me. I am gonna save my soul because I can’t afford to lose both worlds, if this one hasn't worked out then the hereafter should not be lost. The three losers - Shaytan tools, they and their masters have lost hope, I WON'T! I am a Muslim, my name is MuhammadMutii'

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