The Abdullah Okirigi Story

Somewhere in Abuja, on the 1st of October, 2014, a man is driving his wife and two daughters. And it should be a good day, until something goes terribly wrong, and the car is somersaulting multiple times. Incredibly, wife and daughters survive without serious injuries. But the man bears the burden of them all, with a damaged spine and collapsed lungs. That man is Abdullah Okirigi.

For the next one month, he was under Intensive Care, underwent surgery on his spinal cord, and even had a tracheotomy to enable him breathe unassisted. There was so much hope, as slowly, he spent the next few months fighting to make life return to his limbs through physiotherapy. He fought hard.

8 months later, his greatest problem is no longer his spine.

As a result of what it’s safe to call negligence of the medical team caring for him, Abdullah developed a severe case of bed sores, or what can also be called pressure ulcer. This happens when too much pressure is exerted on a part of the body over a long period of time. This leads to damage to muscles in the area. The affected area is the whole of his buttocks. At the moment, he has none of that. No buttocks. They have wasted away, decayed. What is left there is an open ulcer.

Doctors have said that if he is to live at all, the ulcer must be treated with utmost urgency as it could lead to death.

He currently needs 2.5 million naira for plastic/reconstructive surgery, like right now. This is why we asking that you contribute to the cause of saving his life, because in truth, there’s no nobler cause.

There are several ways you can help besides your very important prayers, like contributing financially and mobilising your family and friends to contribute.

He made it this far because of the support of many individuals (see details of all expenses so far here). Let’s finish this.

The money you intend to donate might seem small, but it will no longer feel that way if you tell everyone around you to donate what they can.

Photos of him can’t be put up. Too graphic.

You can visit him where he’s currently receiving treatment at the National Hospital in Abuja. He needs all the support he can get.

He’s at the Male Surgical Ward, 4-bedded, National Hospital, Abuja.

Also, his blood group is O+, just in case you’d like to donate blood, as he’ll be needing it. He used up to 5 pints in the past month.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Oduselu Endurance Uthman

Account Number: 0110582604

For more enquiries:

Call Oduselu Endurance Uthman on 08032513596,

Or email [email protected]

Thank you.

Please take it upon yourself to push people to act. It’ll go a long way. Share the image below widely.

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