The Change Has Gone Wrong By Azizat T. Mohammed

Change, they say is the measure of life, the only constant thing in life, the particular reason that there has been development and dynamism through the passing of time. We are all travellers passing through time, aspiring for the same course to serve and glorify Allah. However, along the line, some of us have forgotten our purposes, some of us have lost our way and gone astray, and yet others strive inspite the changes around them to maintain their route on the path of Allah. It was as if I woke up one morning and the world had gone topsy-turvy, as in, the capsizing sort of bottom up, head down. When did it all begin, I ask myself; was it when dad had bought the coloured TV to replace the black and white TV, or was it when our local TV programmes were no longer sufficient for entertainment and dad had bought the satellite dish with multiple entertainment channels, or perhaps it was that period when our good old days were being referred to as ‘old school’ and the present period, ‘the new generation’? Perhaps, there isn’t a clear cut event that marked the change, but certainly there has been a series of events gradually tilting the world until it turned upside down, and before we became conscious of the changes, the damage had been impacted. The moral values that we once deemed imperative had deteriorated and become irrelevant as immoral and amoral conducts emerged and ruled over our society, even the innocence of children were not spared the hazards of these changes; nursery rhymes and bedtime stories were replaced with raps and lyrics of contemporary music as music artistes and actors became the stars and idols of the people. Skirts, blouses and ball gowns for girls were exchanged for sleeveless tops, body hugs, mini-skirts, skinny jeans and clothes as close as skin that revealed all and concealed nothing. Even some mothers got caught up in the ‘fashion craze’ as chastity and modesty became bizarre among women. The boys began to droop their pants (sagging), wear tight-fitting tops and pants and imitate the girls in appearance, taking special care to their hair, nails and complexion. Reading, studying and learning became archaic and were traded for crud internet activities, aimless online chats, and lewd browsing sites. Academia lost its pride for the glory of the trends of politics as Nobel and Pulitzer prizes became ghosts in the academic institutions. Modelling, fashion, Oscar and Grammy awards sky-rocketed, and without much ado, age 15 became the new 25. The entertainment industry began to promote the evils of perversion and morally repugnant acts that have been religiously battled against as foul languages, violence, nudity, pornography, and homosexuality spiced up the entertainment of music and videos, making one wonder the motives behind the scenes. Suddenly, the ‘bad characters’ were being portrayed as the ‘good guys’ or heroes or the star character in movies, and the satellite TV totally lost their parental guidance limits to viewing movies and programmes. The children’s cartoons were not exempted from these untold immoral infiltrations as kids became so addicted to their cartoons at the expense of their other daily activities including feeding and reading; one begins to wonder if they are even able to comprehend the complexity of certain adult messages being portrayed in their cartoons. Commercial adverts, bill boards, and magazines also participated in the display of sexuality that has no relation to the products marketed.

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