The Importance and Role of Mosque in Islam

A mosque is a place where Muslims worship and pray to Allah Almighty. In Arabic Mosque is called a Masjid or Jami.  The mosque is a kind of any house or open area where Muslims offer Salah (Nimaz) in the congregation. Some mosques are also used as places where Muslims get together and discuss things or where religious education takes place. It is not only a place for praying, but it’s also the center of the community and where many wonderful pieces of Islamic art have been created.

It is required for all Muslim men to attend mosque on Friday for Jummah prayer. Muslims also offer five times prayer in Mosque also come and learn about the Islamic faith, about the teachings of the Holy Quran with learning how to read and pronounce it from Ulama. Muslims are required to give money to charity they often donate it at mosques.

There are many rules that worshippers must obey when they are in a mosque. In most mosques, a religious leader called Imam is in charge of praying. Muslims must clean themselves before they enter into a mosque. There are washing areas where they can make wudu before entering the prayer hall. The floors of such a hall are normally covered with a carpet. It is not allowed to step on it with shoes as Muslims offer Salah on it. Loud talking is forbidden in mosques. It is also disrespectful to walk in front of Muslims who are praying.

The first mosques were modeled on the place of worship of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the courtyard of his house at Medina. Those were simply plots of ground marked out as sacred. Though the mosque as such has undergone many architectural changes, the building remains essentially an open space, generally roofed over, containing a Mihrab and a Minbar. A common feature of many mosques is a minaret, a tall thin tower that is usually located at one of the corners. From the minaret, a muezzin or Imam proclaims call to worship (Adhan) five times each day.

The prayer hall of Masjid normally does not have any benches or chairs. Worshippers pray in rows facing Holy Kaaba which is center towards which Muslims around the world face and offer prayer. There are no pictures on the walls of Mosques. Some mosques show verses of the Quran on the walls to assist worshippers. Every mosque has a Mihrab, a niche in the wall that points to the Holy Kaaba. From Minbar the imam delivers his speech.

Prayers in mosques with congregation are considered the best way of offering prayers to Allah Almighty. Most of the  Muslims prefer to offer prayer in congregation and avoid individual prayers for fear of using wrong ways. We all should try to offer prayers with the congregation in mosques for getting greater rewards in the best manner.


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