The New Muslim

By Muhammad Daniel


I was born from an act of idealism
To a world where ideals are sold

I looked for the way to be Muslim
Got confused with what I was told

Each group claimed to be on the right path
Citing strong evidences to prove

But my heart found no peace with this conflict
So restless I started to move

From this one to that one I staggered
Nowhere did I seem to fit in

But in fear of the fire I kept searching
Wondering at the state we are in

Soon I grew tired of meetings
Of conferences, speeches and shows

I longed for some friends to be close to
As we lined up to pray in the rows

But the rows said salaam and dispersed
To the cultural lives whence they came

I went home to no group to be part of
Past the pubs looking warm in the rain

But Allah is my refuge my solace
He alone do I turn to ask

That the Muslims get out of their ghettos
To unite on their God-given task

And take in the wandering converts
For God surely will reward those

Who share the diamonds they’re hiding
In the peace of their family homes


Credit: virtualmosque

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