I went to a barber who seemed to be a good man and asked him to cut my hair for the sake of Allah. The barber glanced at my messy hair and invited me forward. He trimmed away the locks up to the ears.
Once he had finished he reached and handed over some dirhams. He said, “Take it. You’ll need it”. I was reluctant but he insisted. I took it on the condition of returning the whole amount at the first opportunity. I thanked him and left.
Later I met a friend outside the Haramain. He informed me that a friend of mine from Basra had left this bag containing 300 dirhams for me. I took the bag and gave it to the barber. The barber said, “Oh Shaykh, do you not have any shame? You told me to cut your hair for the sake of Allah and now you want me to take the charge. Take the bag and may Allah forgive you.”


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