By Kamal Saleh

 The weakest of homes is the home of the spider if only they knew 

and it's not just because of the web but also for what happens inside of it too 
The most fragile of homes home to the most ferocious of family feuds 
A husband and wife relationship that is solely based on being used 
for consummation, 
see after they finish mating the wife would then consume 
the body of her own husband 
It's disgusting

And so can the children be too 
See as soon as they mature they would chew 
upon their own mother as a source of food. 
It's sinister it's crude 
I don't want to imagine it but it's true

And such are the examples that God would use 
Not because God can be cruel 
But for God to prove 
that the weakest of homes are those in which the inhabitants are abused

See marriages are meant to bring happiness and the home is a refuge 
of tranquility and comfort to all those who walk through.

And if you ever do happen to fall into disputes 
you must learn that marriage isn't always about you. 
Rather it's learning to live together as one although we are still living together as two.

As you build a home together where everybody know they belong 
With Love kindness and mercy, As we learn to get along 
And there's no need for fighting every time something unworthy goes wrong 
Because you can't be building a home upon violence and expect it to stand strong

I mean what kind of man would harm his wife 
Leaving her to bleed in the darkness of the night 
as he scars her for life 
Having to cover up her bruises as she tries to hide them from sight 
See he's so focused on her responsibilities but fails to realize he also owes her rights

See as her husband your meant to provide, protect, guide and guard her 
You are her garment her lifelong partner 
Her prince charming who would charm her 
Her knight in shining armour.

But her knight has turned into a night mare as he spends his nights trying to harm her. 
As she begs him on her knees "Please I need you to be calmer"

"I urge you 
See patience is a virtue 
I promise I didn't mean to hurt you 
I never even heard you 
Please don't be mad 
and please don't let the kids see it's not right for a dad"

It's sickening it's sad 
that such scenes are happening in reality 
within the homes of so many broken families 
It's a calamity We forgot what the meaning of marriage is

Did you forget that the best of you in character is 
he who is best to his wife 
The best of advice 
from the one who never harmed a servant, child or wife 
in his whole entire life.

Who would watch his words even if his wife had cooked something he never liked 
He would stay quiet see He was the pinnacle of being polite 
He would help around the house too just to make her work load light 
And he taught us that the strongest of men is not he who knows how to fight 
But rather he who restrains his anger right at the moment of strife

So have Patience brother 
I mean you wouldn't allow it for your own mother 
daughter or sister 
to watch another man punch and kick her 
So the next time you even think to hit her 
Realize that she too is somebody's else's sister.

So Dear sister realize No human being deserves to live a life of violence alone 
So seek help and don't live in silence trying to fight this on your own 
And If he refuses to treat you in kindness I think it's time you pick up the phone 
And let your people know that you will no longer live in the weakest of homes.


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