Things that I wish Everyone Knew about Ramadan

We can see sometimes some Muslims complain all day and can’t wait until the sun finally sets. In fasting, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking not even a drop of water from dawn to dusk. In addition to not eating or drinking they also abstain from all inappropriate things. Yet despite the fasting, Ramadan in most Muslim countries is a celebration of the holy month of fasting. While they abstain from many things during the day, after sunset families and friends often visit with one another, filling the streets of major cities with food and laughter.
I have realized something about Ramadan that is beyond food and water which is mentioned below and I wish that everyone knew about this:
Ramadan is not only a month of Starvation: During the daytime when we are fasting, we go ahead with our daily routines while refraining from eating, drinking, sexual acts and behavior such as rudeness, backbiting, cursing and many more. By doing so we will get a peace of mind that allows us to think clearly without being overwhelming emotions. Ramadan is the best opportunity to forgive and focus on what is most important.
Fasting is more than Eating or Drinking: Fast is not only abstaining from drinking or eating. Fasting is abstaining from intense desires which may include sadness, the anger, and frustration. Our hearts are fasting from grieving and our minds take control, rather than our emotions.
Shouldn’t feel bad for us: Some people say while seeing fasting person that it’s so sad you can’t eat or drink for 15 or 16 hours we are sorry about it. For those, I wanted to say don’t feel sorry. Although fasting can make us sleepy and tired but the return on investment is absolutely thrilling. The feeling of having refrained from activities is very empowering. Fasting is not just a disconnection between the human body and food. It’s about building a connection between a man and Almighty Allah. We do so that our minds can become free of the needs and desires of the human body.
Muslims do not fast for the entire month of Ramadan: Muslims fast from dawn to dusk that is the fast begins at dawn and breaks at sunset. The time between fasts, at night, is a time of reflection where you can truly see how the needs of the human body affect your mind and thought process as well as your body. This is what “break” is meant for in fasting during night time.
The month of Ramadan is about Moderation:
The month of Ramadan is about moderation. After fasting for around 16 hours it is very tempting to fill your plate up at the time of Iftar, while our human body does not even require so much food to survive. One of the most important things about fasting is our ability to withstand during long periods of time without food and water, just like many people go through on a daily basis. Limiting our food intake is the way to train our bodies to consume only what is necessary during fasting.
Fasting is Good for Health: It is discovered that alternate day fasting can greatly reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, lower sugar levels and protect us from some effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and it also sharpens up our mind.
Not everyone has to fast: There are many exceptions to fasting. If someone is ill, pregnant, feed child or still a child who does not have much understanding of the world and fasting are not required to fast.
Ramadan is the holiest Month in Islamic Year: Ramadan is the month in which Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The literal meaning of Ramadan means “dryness or scorching heat”. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) became the last Messenger of Allah Almighty in the holy month of Ramadan.
These were some things that everyone should know about Ramadan. May Allah Almighty accept our good deeds, worships, fasts and Quran recitation which we had done in the holy month of fasting! Ameen


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