Tips to cultivate true happiness

By Ethan Beh

I have always been fascinated with happiness. It seems so easily attainable for some people, whereas for others it is like an elusive treasure that cannot be found. I have a friend who is always genuinely happy. He seems happy almost all the time. It is a real joy to hang out with him.

Even if he faces disappointment or when things don't go his way, he is able to bounce back quickly. Sure he gets upset or angry, but not for long. Before you know it, he's back to his usual self. I've always wondered what makes him able to do that.

Happiness comes from within and not from external things. What money and external possessions provide are only distractions from the unhappiness and lack of fulfillment in one's life. We can only gain brief pleasures through external things. It will never last for long and slowly those things will lose its initial appeal. Sadly, many people respond to that through looking for more external things to distract them.

When seeking happiness, don't seek for these brief pleasures. Instead of constantly chasing toys and things to be happy, focus on having a true lasting happiness that comes from within. Live a lifestyle that cultivates true lasting happiness.

The main reason why some people are happy is because they have a different attitude to unhappy people. They look at the world differently, they think differently and they interpret experiences differently. Happy people choose to focus on the positive, they never blame others. Whenever they face setbacks they view it as valuable experiences, not failures. They don't take life too seriously. They know that life is short and every moment alive is a gift.

Change your outlook on life and you will start to experience more happiness. Below are some ways to cultivate true happiness.

 1. Spend time daily to be grateful and remember all that life have given you

2. Regularly read inspirational stories and quotes about happiness

3. Smile and laugh as often as possible

4. Regularly set aside time to do a hobby or activity that you enjoy

5. Help others

6. Listen to music or songs that are uplifting and happy

7. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the world

Often times we fail to give happiness the priority it deserves. We don't commit and give importance to making ourselves happy. No wonder we're always unhappy. Commit to happiness and consistently do the actions in the list above. Happiness like everything else requires effort too.


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