US Comedian: Prophet Had Great Sense of Humor

In a world plagued by negative stereotypes about Muslims, Us Muslim comedian Mohammed, or "Mo", Amer has offered audience a new perspective, saying that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had a great sense of humour.

"He had a great sense of humour," Amer told CBS News on Saturday, August 1.

"The Prophet said, 'My way is the middle way.' So, extreme is not right and be totally seclude is not right."

Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parent, Amer, at the age of 9, and his family had to escape as political refugees during the first Gulf War, ending up in Houston.

"There was a cultural, societal gap," Amer said.

"I didn't know how to acclimate. I was here during like a week before Halloween. Freaked me out! I was like, 'Why everybody is dressed this way? What is happening in America today?"

Amer became the first Arab-American to star in his own nationally televised one-hour stand-up special, "Legally Homeless." The show is inspired by his travels without a passport.

"They give you a travel document... like a fake passport," Amer said.

"It acts like a passport. It really wants to be a passport, really badly. But it's not, and it only lasts for a year."

Tackling all hot topics, Amer focuses on breaking stereotypes surrounding Islam and Muslims.

"Have you or anyone you know been involved with or given funds to any terrorist organizations, Mr. Mohammed?" Amer said to start one of his stand-up routines in Washington, DC.

"I didn't mess around with that question. I said absolutely not. Who says yes? Please tell me one person that says yes. Is this an effective method of capturing terrorists worldwide?!" The crowd burst into applause.

In a world plagued by negative stereotypes about Muslims, Amer believes a comic's honesty on stage can offer a fresh perspective.

"I'm a comedian. My most important goal is to get people laughing and cracking up," Amer said.

"If you can get them to laugh and have them think at the same time, then you got something."

Several instances can be found in the sunnah where the Prophet (peace be upon him) is cracking jokes with his companions and family.

The companions followed suit and didn't take themselves too seriously.

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