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As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters. Welcome to 1One4 magazine. Someone will most probably ask “what’s 1One4?” Well, 1One4 is from the number of chapters in the number one book of all Muslims; the Quran. The Quran encompasses one hundred and fourteen (114) chapters of the most formidable knowledge and wisdom known to mankind and serves as an absolute guide for all Muslims. It remains the foremost book for education, information and inspiration. 1One4 came about by tweaking the figure 114. The magazine seeks to open up discussions and debates about Muslim life in a contemporary society and in the process inform, inspire and entertain. We hope%20to discuss Islam in a holistic pattern and draw from our past experiences and present circumstances and the role religion plays in sharpening lives. I for one grew up with a number of influences having schooled in Europe and Nigeria but faith remained at the very core of my being. As the world gravitated towards new trends, and ideas, cutting edge technology and brilliant innovations, I sometimes had problems making sense of our evolving world. I lived in Paris and followed the fashion season after season and I often thought, if I ever could afford all these clothes, could I even wear them as a Muslim? I needed to find what I could truly identify with. Coming back to Nigeria presented its own problems. This got me thinking – where are the books, magazines, television and radio programmes I could read or listen to which explains where I stood in the midst of all of these? I needed publications to explain the faith, the Quran and Hadith in a lighter mood and I needed Islamic thoughts on current thinking. I hardly got anything significant and when I got, it wasn’t on time. The internet has helped in most recent times Alhamdulilahi. Then asalatu started, it became the fad, we all attended if for nothing, for the spiritual nourishment from all those prayers. Unfortunately, I found myself sometimes largely preoccupied with other side attractions half the service. I definitely needed an interactive forum where contemporary issues are thoroughly researched and vigorously discussed taking my Nigerianess into cognizance. I hardly came across any. Growing up, I wanted to be a pharmacist, then a pilot (wouldn’t it be nice discovering the world from a cockpit?), and then an investment banker (managing mega portfolios), I ended up in human resource management. Writing and editing was the last job my dear mind ever conceived, but I am an ardent reader. I read everything printed or otherwise. I happen to be a confirmed information and media junkie. I see the therapeutic value in books and magazines. I revel in the joy of being transported into a journey between the pages of good books. I, with time became a connoisseur of books and magazines, my house a resource centre of sort to friends and family. Then, it struck me; my magazines only addressed me as a woman but not as a Muslim woman. I needed publications to drive home the key points; I wanted one to address me in my totality. I waited and waited….. nothing! Then it hit me, why don’t I come up with one? 1One4 magazine was thus conceived and birthed. The journey is totally a learning%20experience for all of us and we would welcome any contributions from the mundane to the extraordinary. We want to engage each other and discuss about ourselves and our beautiful religion in a vibrant and dynamic way. There is need to open up these discussions in a beautiful and sophisticated manner. Islam is certainly not just about politics and religious dogma, and most certainly not about violence, negativity and controversies. The Islamic way of life is full and complete. There is need to clarify what we are about, our faith, our wit, humour (we sure have loads of these), our modest fashion, relationships, our entrepreneurial spirit, living, food, our total lifestyle in fact everything under the sun InshaAllah. We want to celebrate the joys, the triumphs and successes, elevations of those keeping and living the faith. We also want to hear about grieves, sorrows, challenges and problems life throws us all. 1One4 will include the diverse and dynamic aspect of Muslim life in Nigeria and the world over and our contributions to Islam, nation building and humanity. We would like to hear your suggestions, comments, thoughts, and pieces of advice, prayers or plain salaams. We hope to inform and entertain with this publication so read on. Till next time MashAllah. Keep living the faith. Salam Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatu. Hakeemat(+234-806-928-2550)

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