What is forbidden in Islam- Homosexuality or practicing Homosexuality?

The common concept for Muslim homosexuals is to commit suicide since they can’t be punished for being homosexuals in a non-Islamic state, but two wrongs don’t make one right. While homosexuality is wrong, it doesn’t justify suicide under any conditions or circumstances. Please know that if you ever commit suicide, you would have seriously misunderstood Islam and its spirit. If you were ever involved in sexual homosexual acts in the past, you should truly and sincerely repent to Allah, The Merciful, The Gracious, and pledge to Him never to get involved in any homosexual acts anymore.


Please note that there is a difference to actually being involved in a homosexual act -which is a sin – from having sexual feelings that you try to control, that you don’t express in public, which is not sinful if you try to control them. If medical or psychological counseling helps, then get it, but know that Allah is The Curer, and the Qur’an is your best companion. Give charity, make du'a, and Allah will not leave you alone. You have got to believe in the infinite amount of Mercy Allah provides to His servants, and you should also realize that He forgives, if He wishes, all types of sins, except the sin of disbelieving in Him.


What is sinful in homosexuality is the actual sexual act between the couple of a similar sex. However, if you are truly born with an attraction to a similar sex, and has done what you can to deal with it but with no results, then there is no sin in simply accepting the way you are born and live with it. In addition, if you transform your desires into a struggle and a challenge to overcome it and not physically commit it, then Insha'Allah, you will get the reward for it.


Don’t lose hope! Fear Allah (S.W.T), ask Him for help earnestly, never give up, and do something to get rid of even the idea of homosexuality. Try to avoid all of the circumstances that trigger your homosexual feelings: don’t get alone with an attractive man, always be in the company of others, don’t get involved in deep / personal discussions with any person that you may think will trigger your homosexual feeling. Stay away from any other people who have similar feelings. Don’t even think in such an idea of this subject, keep yourself busy in different useful things, and stay away of anything that remind you of homosexuality.


Keep a POSITIVE thinking in your mind and keep saying to yourself that you can do something about it. Don’t ever say I can’t. Remember with every step you are taking toward getting rid of this habit you are getting help and reward from Allah (S.W.T) and you are annoying the shaitan.


For many homosexual Muslims, the concept of getting married is unappealing. Having this feeling should not prevent you from considering to get married in the future. You will discover that marriage is more than simply fulfilling your sexual needs. Your wife will Insha'Allah bring you peace, tranquility, joy, security, and many other feelings that every human being needs, irrelevant of their “sexual partners”.


Also, while Muslims are not allowed to lie, you should keep this feeling to yourself and not share it with her or your parents for many reasons. Be patient and make it a lifelong struggle for yourself… You will see how rewarding it is at the end. Remember, there is in this world many compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, adulterers, thieves, but many of them control it and refrain from doing it. If they aren’t Muslims and have the will to do it, you are a Muslim and you have Allah on your side when you seek His Help. There is no way you will fail Insha'Allah.


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