When Oppression Continues

We were born in chains,

Lived in chains,

Oh how the sun licked us

Whipped us with sharp hotness,

We cried, raised our hands to the heavens, to the gods,

Dug the dirt if the dead could hear,

We fought, bit, murdered and got killed

Our children made sticks out of our bones,  

But we rose, in spite of our thorns.

Puny men became giants,

Mere men became gods, babies, Mermen.

Our fists clenched in burning fury,

So we crushed all weakness,

Put shackles on those beneath us,

Breathed only fire and stone,

We slew Goliath, only to become Goliath.

So we live in a circle,

As day chases after night tirelessly as a forlorn lover,

Running in circles,

Like the earth and planets dance round the sun,

And the innocent cub becomes lion, begets cub,

It goes.

We will fall,

And give rise to another us.

Atoyebi Maryam

A biochemist with deep love for beautiful artsy things. She pretends to capture nature via landscape photography and enjoys chicken sharwama immensely.

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