Why It Is Important To Avoid Insecure People

Human beings are social beings by nature, and the people we surround ourselves with have an influence on us whether we like it or not. We need many different kinds of people around us in order to succeed, to give us productive feedback both positive and negative. When someone tells us there’s a problem with something we’re doing, often it alerts us that a change has to be made which in turn yields a positive result.

But are there certain people that you should absolutely avoid at all costs? You could argue that there is one category of people that long-term can have an extremely damaging effect on your life and that you must eliminate from your inner circle at all costs: Insecure People.

Here’s why and what to do:

1.    Insecure people have erratic behavior. People who are insecure can either be high self-esteem or low self-esteem. Either way, they tend to behave erratically and can sabotage many areas of your life. Low self-esteem insecurity manifests itself in helpless depression that affects those around them like a cancer. Insecure people with high self-esteem are less likely to help people around them, because they’re afraid of being surpassed by others. Erratic behavior due to insecurity sabotage can be deadly to any business or relationship and must be avoided at all costs


2.    Don’t waste time “fixing” insecure people. This temptation is especially strong when a family member is involved. When we identify an insecure person, there can be a tendency to keep them around in hopes of changing their attitude. Sometimes we do this out of loyalty or respect, but what often ends up happening is that the insecure person’s behavior becomes a drain on our lives while refusing to change. You shouldn’t hesitate to politely excuse yourself from being around friends or family that are insecure. Close ones definitely deserve more chances to improve than others, but don’t make too many exceptions or it will result in energy-draining downward spiral.


3.    Look at how insecure people have affected your life. If you really want to cut insecure people out of your life (along with the negativity they bring), the best thing to do is take stock of how insecure people have affected your life in the past. Sometimes we might have a “bad” goal in life, and our healthy friends will try to steer us clear of those goals. But just think of a good goal in life you had, but that someone else sabotaged out of insecurity. Maybe someone spread rumors about you at work to keep you from a promotion they wanted? Think of the important areas of your life such as career, finance, relationships and happiness.

By identifying these past patterns and individuals that have harmed us out of insecurity, we can make sure to cut those people out of our lives, prevent us from making those same mistakes, and in the end achieve our lifelong goals and positive results.

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