As Salam Alaekum Warahmatullah Wabarakatu Dear Readers: I hope you are doing well and finding joy in every day things. As we begin this new hijrah, I pray for new beginnings full of love and peace for myself and everyone reading this. I pray for strength, wisdom, a heart that appreciates the blessings we often take for granted and most of all a new \'me\' that can \'dance in the rain.\' All these take patience, wisdom and mercy from Allah, so I ask him to give us these in abundance, Amin. I am typing this note on my phone sitting in yet another airplane. I am going back home (Washington DC) from California, where I have been working for the past 9 days. It\'s been such a busy year with so much traveling, I think I have spent more time in hotels than my house this year. I thank Allah for this job, which I really like, but I think I am ready to quit the travelling. I am ready to slow down for my ultimate career – motherhood. See, my number one career ambition is to be a mother of twins working from home.  May Allah make it possible, Amin. California was fun and so beautiful - I appreciated the greatness of Allah while driving from San Francisco to Santa Rosa. The views kept changing from mountains to valleys, clear skies to dark mountains emitting fog. I kept muttering Allahu Akbar to myself. There were so many Asians there too! In fact while having dinner by myself at the hotel courtyard one warm evening, I briefly considered finding myself a cute Asian husband, but by the time I thought about what my parents\' reaction would be, I laughed it off and stayed focused on the goal. So what is the goal? Well, a Muslim, kind hearted, happy and focused black man who doesn\'t have sickle cell traits. I wish they didnt seem like endangered species this days. I received some emails from some brothers who have read my notes, they seemed nice but I had to decline any conversation because they live in Nigeria. Can you find me nice candidates that live in North America? Thanks in advance for your help, but please note my requirements  - I said I want a man that is happy and focused. Focused on 360 degree success - that is success in this life and the next. I want a man I can respect and look up to in matters of the deen, career and other aspects of life.  Don\'t be fooled by the accent and business trips, I am a proper Yoruba girl and a Muslimah, so the man must be able to handle things well. I am not looking for a school son or child, abeg. Laughs! It\'s also really important that the man is happy with his life, I am an optimistic person and I really don\'t do well with pessimists. I want someone who is content with their blessings while hoping for more, not someone who keeps whining, complaining and envying others.  Of all these though, the most important factor for me is the Deen, not just because Rasulullah (SAW) encouraged us to use this as the most important criteria, but because I know that marriage can be complicated, and only a man who fears Allah genuinely and respects the Prophet (SAW) will overlook my shortcomings and mistakes when his \'worldly\' heart wants him to react harshly towards me. May Allah bring us love that grows for the sake of Allah, Amin. I wonder if these \'requirements\' make me seem picky. I hope not. After all, my new friend, Jen (a white American Muslim) had similar preferences and she found herself a nice Muslim man, and guess what? She met him on a Muslim dating website! Jen\'s story is really making me consider setting up an online profile oh, but I am afraid of the fake people. Imagine, having investing time in a conversation with someone and then realizing that they are not who%20they claimed to be? That\'s so scary, but taking the risk and earning the reward of finding true love seems like a good proposition right now. What do you think? Should I take my search online? Niyah.

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