Work vs Salat

Being Muslim is not a periodic thing, it’s a full time project from birth to death. Our sleeping, waking, eating, interaction and actions are all to be guided and measured by certain principles. Adherence to this principles is what makes one a believer in Islam. Most of us live in the city. We probably can't live anywhere else, the city feel, the fast pace, the social advancements etc. all make the city life desirable to us than towns, which are generally slow. But this life comes at its own steep cost.

All over the world, most cities are a mix of people from different backgrounds, professing different religions. Muslims constitute a large number of the work force in most city. While the presence of Muslims holding high offices and statuses in the city has helped the Ummah, it’s rather unfortunate that the city life has left its strains on many of us.


A big challenge for many Muslims living in the cities is the 5 daily prayer. As we all know, they are compulsory and have their fixed time. In between busy work lives, organizational policies that suffocate

religion and tiring traffic, many Muslims can't pray as they should and many have abandoned salat completely. We seek Allah's refuge from that. As our Nabiy taught us, the first matter to be settled on the day of judgement is the salat and he whose salat is good, then he is saved. Also that salat is the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim.

Truth is, Islam doesn’t need to change for us, and it’s us that needs to to adjust. I know people who have mats under their work table or who put their feet down at work to demand prayer breaks, but most of us can't, something about the fear of being looked at as 'too religious' or 'boko haram' or getting sacked. So we suck it up in the name of blending into the society.

We live in difficult times, but as our death is sure, I advise myself first and everyone else to learn to balance our relationship with Him and our seeking sustenance. May Allah grant us His help. 


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