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You are here! That means you’d love to write for us! Because 1one4 is about giving making sure every member of the Ummah is heard, we are excited about people wanting to write for us.

We really don’t mind what you are writing about, as long as it’s halal stuff, and can be of benefit to Muslims. It could be about Deen, or current affairs, or relationships, or a personal experience, or about how you make dinner.

But we do have guidelines:

  1. Originality rocks! I mean, this is what Islam is all about. We also love well referenced articles.
  2. Insulting people is not so cool. We don’t really like attacks at a particular ethnic group or race.
  3. Accuracy is what hits the target. Please keep your numbers correct. Every time. This will also include grammatical errors. You can ask someone to help you proofread.
  4. Engage us, please.Start by evaluating if the masterpiece you just penned down is engaging enough for you.
  5. We’ll have to check first before publishing. Standard procedure.
  6. We are going to be needing some of your details. In every document you send, please put your name, email, and a short bio about yourself.

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